Study Remotely in Fall 2020

What will remote instruction be like during the Fall 2020 semester at Pacific University?

In the Fall of 2020, Forest Grove undergraduate classes will be available for live streaming. So, students studying remotely will still “attend” class at the scheduled time, interact with their peers, and complete the same work as if they were on campus.

Some of our larger classes may be taught exclusively online during the fall, and these courses may be structured asynchronously (without specific meeting times). Students studying remotely in the fall will earn course credits for their work and make progress toward completion of their majors just as they would if they were on campus. 

There is no question that much of academic life happens in the unscheduled and unplanned moments between classes and around campus. Unfortunately, we will not be able to replicate this experience for our remote students. However, our students who need to study remotely in the fall of 2020 will be assigned to an academic coach who will work with them, helping them overcome challenges and assisting them with staying motivated and on task.

Academic coaches will be in touch with each remote student at least once a week. Even though you may be in your home rather than on campus, you are still part of the Boxer family, and we will make sure that you are engaged and cared for. Our remote students will, of course, have access to other student services, such as tutoring, advising, career services, disability services, student support, and counseling.

Will My Costs Be Reduced?

Students studying remotely will have a reduced cost of attendance. Students will not be paying room and board and, while students studying remotely may not be eligible for an on-campus residence scholarship, they may be eligible for our new COVID-19 Remote Learning Scholarship.

Students needing to study remotely in the Fall of 2020 must complete the Fall 2020 Remote Instruction Request form. When you submit this form, we will share your intent to study remotely with our Financial Aid Office, and that office will be in touch with you about the effects of studying remotely on your financial aid and billing.

We realize that these are difficult decisions and that you are facing these decisions in a time of great uncertainty. You do not have to make these decisions alone. Of course, we would like to see you at Pacific in the fall, but more importantly we want what is best for you. Call your Admissions Counselor today to discuss your options.

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