Nonprofit Leadership Core Team

A unique benefit of Pacific University’s Master of Nonprofit Leadership is the Core Team.

Core Team is an option for an MNL student working for a nonprofit organization to engage learning and action by working collaboratively on their organization’s challenges and opportunities. 

It can be very challenging for a MNL student, even if that MNL student is an executive director, to apply learning from the courses back to the organization on their own. Creating a Core Team, by identifying two other people from the organization, allows the learning to be more effectively placed into action. Core Team will be guided by instructors, and each Core Team will be assigned a mentor.

A Core Team example could be applying learning from NL 533 Managing People to resolve an inner staff conflict, or the Core Team could apply principles from NL 530 Developing a Strategy-Based Culture to activate a strategic plan into significant implementation.

By placing learning into real-time practice a MNL student gains deeper skills to positively impact their organization and their profession. 

Orientation to and establishing the Core Team will come early in the MNL program.

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