Occupational Therapy Staff

Suzie Schwab

Manager of Administrative Services

From an outside perspective, the natural pace of life for Suzie, office manager, might seem consuming, but to her, it's a rapid rate that keeps her at her best. Suzie plays a key role working with the academic fieldwork coordinator and the department head in all aspects of administration, as well as monitoring and maintaining the background support and details of the day to day activities. Suzie is indeed an infrastructure specialist. She assists students in learning collaboration and teamwork within systems and helps students learn how to get their needs met through interactions with other departments.

Suzie has always immersed herself fully in life. Her commitment to balancing her family, career and personal time is unmistakable in her very busy schedule, which often begins well before sunrise as she tends to her horses and other animals. To Suzie, living her life as an example for her two daughters is an important value. From pursuing an education to making life decisions that demonstrate a strong healthy female role model, it is these acts that reflect who Suzie is as a person.

Kelly Hering

Administrative Assistant

Kelly plays a key role within the School of OT as budget manager, and working closely with the admin team, providing support for all aspects of administration.

Kelly is a devoted wife and mother, natural organizer, and an avid gardener.   

Jennifer Cramer Hughes

Jennifer Cramer Hughes

Administrative Assistant

Jennifer plays a key role as office assistant and first point of contact in the School of OT. 

Jennifer’s skills and abilities are interwoven with a vivacious and fun personality.  Jennifer is an amazing interior decorator and brings new life to tired objects.  We are so thrilled that she is a part of our OT admin team.