Peace & Social Justice Minor | Academic Advising Handbook

The Peace and Social Justice minor was part of the Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work Department. This minor is currently not active and it is no longer available to new students. The department offers the following majors and minors:

Students who were interested in completing simlar coursework should speak with any faculty member in the department or the Director of the Center for Civic Engagement.

The Peace and Social Justice (PSJ) program and curriculum evolved from student and faculty interest and concern, and has drawn wide attention. Students may elect a minor in PSJ. This is an interdisciplinary minor comprised of courses that address program issues and themes. They investigate the causes and manifestations of social injustice and violence in self, in society, and in the world of nations, and they explore alternatives to violent resolution of conflict. Students are encouraged to develop a closely reasoned philosophical position on peace and social injustice that can have lifelong application.