Peace & Social Justice Minor | Academic Advising Handbook

More general information on other academic requirements can be found on the Academic Advising Handbook page. The Peace and Social Justice section of the Academic Advising Handbook (pdf) and the Course Catalog (pdf) are available for download.

The Peace and Social Justice minor is part of the Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work Department. The department offers the following majors and minors:

Students interested in completing a minor in Peace and Social Justice should speak with any faculty member in the department or the Director of the Center for Civic Engagement.

The Peace and Social Justice (PSJ) program and curriculum evolved from student and faculty interest and concern, and has drawn wide attention. Students may elect a minor in PSJ. This is an interdisciplinary minor comprised of courses that address program issues and themes. They investigate the causes and manifestations of social injustice and violence in self, in society, and in the world of nations, and they explore alternatives to violent resolution of conflict. Students are encouraged to develop a closely reasoned philosophical position on peace and social injustice that can have lifelong application.


Many PSJ courses are cross-listed in other departments (see the college catalog for specifics). As a result, some of these courses have specific prerequisites separate from other PSJ courses. Most PSJ courses have no prerequisite and are open to all students. PSJ 101 is not a prerequisite for other PSJ courses, but it is encouraged for students interested in studying peace and social injustice. While many PSJ courses include some out-of-classroom component, PSJ 105 (Intro to Civic Engagement), 230 (Navajo Service Learning), and 305 (Advanced Civic Engagement) are especially focused on serving the common good and integrating academic knowledge with that gained in community settings. These courses, along with CE designated courses in other academic departments, fulfill the civic engagement cornerstone core requirement.

Peace and Social Justice: Requirements for the Minor

  • PSJ 101 Introduction to Peace and Social Justice | 4 credits
  • PSJ 105 Introduction to Civic Engagement | 2 credits
  • PSJ 215 Conflict Resolution | 2 credits

One course from:

  • PSJ 305 Advanced Civic Engagement | 2 credits
  • PSJ 315 Civic Engagement Mentoring | 2 credits
  • Additional elective courses with a PSJ prefix | 8 credits



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