University of Oregon PharmD Bridge Program

Pacific UO Campus

For eligible students, the University of Oregon PharmD Bridge Program aims to nurture career interests, provide enriching pre-professional development, and pave a way for success in Pacific University’s 3-year Doctor of Pharmacy degree program.


Faculty and staff at Pacific University and University of Oregon support students through key phases of the bridge program.

Prospective Students Outreach

Representatives from Pacific University will be facilitating information sessions at University of Oregon to educate students about pharmacy careers, explain criteria for admissions to PharmD, and discuss opportunities provided through the bridge program.

Applying to the Bridge Program

University of Oregon students may apply to the University of Oregon-Pacific Bridge Program at any time after completing their sophomore year’s grades, typically in the summer/fall. To be admitted to the bridge program, students must meet the following requirements:

Step One | Complete at least 60 quarter credit hours
These must include the following core courses at University of Oregon
  • General Chemistry |  CH 221/227, 222/228, 223/229
  • Organic Chemistry | CH 331/337
  • Calculus | Math 251 or 246
  • College Composition | WR 121 & WR 122 or WR 123 (depending on placement scores)
Step Two | Complete a graduation plan

Your graduation plan should include:

  • the applicants major, minor, and general education courses that will complete requirements for a UO Bachelor degree
  • courses that will complete prerequisite admissions requirements for the Doctor of Pharmacy Program
Step Three | Maintain minimum grades in coursework

Minimum grades include:

  • Grade of C or higher in all core courses (C- does not count))
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Science GPA of 3.0 or higher


Contact Us

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