Pharmacy Tuition Comparison

An Investment in Yourself | The Pacific University School of Pharmacy offers a three-year path to a doctor of pharmacy degree. That means you save money on annual tuition compared to a traditional four-year program and launch your career even sooner.

A PharmD degree offers career opportunities everywhere, from small towns to big cities. Work with patients as part of a large team or by yourself on your own schedule.

Infograph. $140,001 (Cost of our 3-year PharmD) subtract $117,000 (average 1-year RPH salary) equals $23,001 (net cost over 4 years)

Infograph. $181, 878 average for 3-year programs
infograph. $140,001 cost of Pacific University's 3-year PharmD program
infograph. $122,161 average cost of 4-year state programs
infograph. $207,178; average cost of 4-year private programs

*Denotes cost for 2017-2018