Pre-Arrival Requirements

Before you arrive on campus at Pacific University, there are several important tasks you must complete in order to begin our program in the School of Pharmacy. Please refer to this page for important information on deadlines and instructions for completing background checks and drug testing, immunizations, getting your pharmacy intern license, and sending official transcripts.

Background Check and Drug Testing

Because of requirements by Pacific University as well as IPPE and APPE experiential sites, you will be required to do drug screenings and have criminal background checks performed at various times throughout your 3 years at Pacific. The cost for these screenings are the responsibility of the student.

Certiphi Screening, Inc. provides background investigations, drug testing and immunization tracking services to higher education institutions across the country. If you have questions about a screening, please use the following contact information:

800-803-9582 |

Pacific University School of Pharmacy utilizes the centralized Background Check and Drug Testing service through PharmCAS. The company, Certiphi Screening Inc., will email students in May with instructions. This information may be sent in two separate messages (one for background check, the other for drug screen). It is important to complete both processes simultaneously.  Please do not submit your applications for these tests before May (exact date TBD).


The School of Pharmacy, along with many IPPE and APPE sites, requires students to receive various vaccinations. Students will need to complete the Health History Form and vaccinations by early July (exact date TBD).

For a list of ALL vaccines and blood tests required for the program, please refer to the student health form (pdf). This form should be completed and returned to Student Health Services (address on top of form) along with the required vaccination documentation by early July (exact date TBD).

You should keep original documentation of vaccination information for your records, as you will need this information often throughout the program. Send copies only of documentation to Student Health Center.

Please note School of Pharmacy Specific Requirements:

  • Annual influenza vaccine: more information to come during flu season in the fall. You do not need to submit documentation of an influenza vaccine from last year.
  • Two-step PPD or Gold InterFERON test required for all students due to requirements of our experiential partners. Please wait until May to complete PPD to ensure that it will cover the entire academic year. See our guide to the Two-Step TB Skin Test (pdf) for more information.
  • You will be required to have no less than your HepB #1 and #2 before June 1. This also applies to students who have had a negative titer and are working on their 2nd series. It is not uncommon for immunity to wane over time, so even if you completed the HepB series in the past, you may need to repeat the series and then the titer.  If you have not received a HepB titer, please do so ASAP to leave plenty of time to repeat the series should that be necessary.

Please note that these vaccinations are required by the School of Pharmacy, but that some clinical sites may be more stringent and are not flexible in their vaccination requirements. Delays in providing this documentation may delay your ability to begin and/or complete the program. In other words, delays in completing required vaccinations may result in you entering the School a year later than planned or in you being unable to be placed at a clinical site later in the program. If you are unable to be placed at a clinical site, it may mean that you will not graduate on time.

It is very important to start obtaining these vaccinations right away. A few of the required vaccinations take a series of months to complete.

Pharmacy Intern Licenses

All students must obtain both Oregon and Washington pharmacy intern licenses. It is important to start the process early so you are ready to start your IPPEs in your first year. Intern applications should be submitted between May 1 and June 1 to allow time for processing. Please do NOT submit your application before May 1.

The following resources will help you as you complete the application process:

Oregon Pharmacy Intern Information (pdf)
Oregon Board of Pharmacy FAQ
Washington State Intern Registration
Tip sheet (pdf) on looking up the status of your Washington State Intern Registration

Intern License Frequently Asked Questions

What address do I put on my intern application?
The address where you will be receiving mail on a daily basis through June. This is the address where your official Board of Pharmacy fingerprint packet will be mailed.

What if the address on my application is not where I will be living during the school year?
You have 10 days after you receive your OR license and WA registration to submit a "change of address" request to each board.

It has been a month and I have not received my fingerprint packet...what do I do?
Call or email the respective boards and ask for the Licensing Division:

Oregon Board
971-673-0001 |

Washington Board
360-236-4700 |

Why hasn't my license been mailed to me?
The Oregon Board of Pharmacy will send your license and registration directly to the School of Pharmacy. You will receive this during Orientation week.

Official Transcripts

After confirming your seat in the class, the graduate admissions office will complete an official prerequisite evaluation. This evaluation will let you know if there are any outstanding prerequisites.

All prerequisite coursework must be completed by Wednesday, July 17, 2019 with a grade of 'C' or above. You were sent an official prerequisite evaluation shortly after confirming your seat in the class. This evaluation outlined which prerequisites were still incomplete and the transcripts needed by admissions.

You can send all official transcripts directly to:

Pacific University
Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions
190 SE 8th Avenue
Hillsboro, OR 97123

For Pre-Arrival requirement questions: Contact Andrew Longhofer