Joint PharmD/MS Degree Requirements

Students must be enrolled in the PharmD Program and must meet all prerequisite course requirements that were in effect at the time of initial enrollment. The MS is earned while studying for the PharmD degree and is not designed as a stand-alone program. All requirements must be completed within six (6) years of matriculation.

Students must earn a minimum of 46 credits with a “P”. These credits must include, in addition to any required prerequisites, the following:

Course Number Course Name Credits
PHRM 560 Biomedical Sciences: Biochemistry I 2.5
PHRM 561 Biomedical Sciences: Biochemistry II 2.5
PHRM 562 Pharmaceutical Sciences: Pharmacodynamics/Pharmacokinetics Interface 2.5
PHRM 585 Pharmaceutical Sciences: Pharmacokinetics 2.5

PHRM 711

or 713

(711) Self-Study APPE: Review/Experiences

(713) APPE:  Research Experience

PHRM 801 Research Elective 23.0
PHRM 802 Advanced Topics in Pharmaceutical Science 1.0
PHRM 800 Research Seminar 2.0
PHRM 803 Scientific Communication I 1.0
PHRM 804 Scientific Communication II 1.0
PHRM 805 Thesis I 1.0
PHRM 806 Thesis II 1.0

Cost for MS portion of degree

Students will pay tuition of $929/credit (with a maximum of 3% tuition increase per year) for the 30 credits of the MS portion of the degree.

Total cost for MS portion of degree $27,870 (cost may increase due to tuition increase per year).