Joint PharmD/MS Degree Requirements

The MS degree is earned while studying for the PharmD degree and includes a minimum of 46 credits, 30 of which are unique to the MS degree.  Tuition is based on the cost per credit rates set forth by the School of Pharmacy. The courses required for successful completion of the MS degree are listed below in the following table:

Course Number Course Name Credits
PHRM 559 Biomedical Sciences: Biochemistry 5
PHRM 562 Pharmaceutical Sciences: Pharmacodynamics/Pharmacokinetics Interface 2.5
PHRM 585 Pharmaceutical Sciences: Pharmacokinetics 2.5

PHRM 711

or 713

(711) Self-Study APPE: Review/Experiences

(713) APPE:  Research Experience

PHRM 801 Research Elective 21
PHRM 802 Advanced Topics in Pharmaceutical Science 1
PHRM 800 Research Seminar 2
PHRM 803 Scientific Communication I 1
PHRM 804 Scientific Communication II 1
PHRM 805 Thesis 4

Cost for MS portion of degree

Students will pay per-credit tuition for the 30 credits of the MS portion of the degree. The per-credit rate for the 2018-19 academic year is $957 and will not increase more than 3% per year.

Total cost of the MS portion of the degree: $28,710 (based on 30 credits * $957/credit at 2018-19 tuition rates; subject to change based on changes in tuition.)