Track Options | Pharmacy

Tracks were designed to provide students with experience within specific areas of pharmacy that extend beyond electives and duration, scope, breadth, and depth of various pertinent topics in pharmacy education.

These briefly describe our five track options developed to provide individualized learning experiences and mentorship from our faculty member:

Specialization in Care of Underserved Populations

The Specialization in Care of Underserved Populations is an opportunity for pharmacy students to increase their awareness of the health care disparities and challenges faced by rural and medically-underserved communities. Students will engage in advocacy and service initiatives designed to promote the health of underserved populations. This specialization will prepare students to practice in a rural or medically-underserved community as part of an interprofessional team.

Specialization in Clinical Practice

The Specialization in Clinical Practice is an opportunity for pharmacy students to advance their readiness for clinical practice under the guidance of a faculty pharmacist mentor. Students will begin to develop an expert knowledge base, complex decision-making skills, professional attitudes, and clinical competence for expanded practice in their desired interest area through electives, practicum, and a capstone project.  Students completing the track will be positioned for future success in any pharmacy setting and will be better prepared for clinical post-graduate training.

Specialization in Practice Management and Leadership

The Specialization in Practice Management and Leadership offers a five-course series in management and leadership skills needed to succeed in today’s challenging pharmacy practice environment. Students focus on the values of leadership and professional advocacy, as well as explore and develop management skills. A practicum of leadership experiences is taken throughout the APPE year to develop and focus skills learned in the Track courses. Regardless of your career goal, leadership is essential to success. "Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things."  –Peter Drucker

Specialization in Precision Medicine

The Specialization in Precision Medicine is an opportunity for pharmacy students to dive deeper into the emerging field of precision medicine. Students will be given the foundation to understand and apply precision medicine and to furthermore become advocates of precision medicine for other health care providers and patients.

Specialization in Research and Scholarship

The Specialization in Research and Scholarship is an opportunity for pharmacy students to be involved in research throughout their three years of the School of Pharmacy curriculum. Students will be trained in problem solving, critical thinking, writing skills, and research design, while experiencing 1:1 mentorship with faculty. The skills acquired will increase their marketability for residency and job search and open additional opportunities for industry employment. Ideal outcomes for both students and faculty will be dissemination of scholarship in the form of posters, presentations, and publications.