Mindful Health & Resilience Lab

As a lab we have a long-standing interest in the study and practice of mindfulness meditation and related contemplative experiences. In earlier research we focused on dispositional mindfulness and its measurement, with a particular emphasis on Buddhist cultural validity of Western mindfulness measures. More recently our work has focused on mindfulness training to enhance resilience and health among groups exposed to high levels of stress, including first responders and marginalized populations. 

The lab is currently studying feasibility, mechanisms, and biological, behavioral, and psychological outcomes of integrated resilience and mindfulness training among first responders. In a separate study, we are investigating the protective impact of dispositional mindfulness, self-compassion, and resilience on the negative health outcomes associated with discrimination in BIPOC and other marginalized communities. 

Current dissertation students are evaluating:

  • a RCT of a brief mindfulness intervention on pain tolerance among active duty military personnel

  • the feasibility and preliminary impact of an integrated acceptance and commitment therapy and self-compassion group on chronic pain and health outcomes in a primary care setting

  • a RCT of adapted cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia among firefighters

  • the psychological and neuropsychological impact of mindfulness training on female veterans and their children

  • the psychometrics of a brief shame measure in a large, diverse sample


Kaylie Green MS '19 earns AAPIC Internship Match 2021.

Nicole McCullough is a recipient of the 2021 United States Air Force Health Professions Scholarship Program.