English Proficiency Requirements | Vision Science (PhD)

All students whose first language is not English must meet the English language proficiency requirement prior to admission in the Pacific University College of Optometry PhD in Vision Science program. This requirement applies to all applicants, including resident aliens and citizens.

Valid Proof of English Language Proficiency

Satisfactory language test score

Applicants can take the standardized English proficiency tests and meet the minimal score listed in the table below. The test score must be valid (within two years), unless the applicant has maintained continuous residency in U.S. since the date the expired score was obtained.

Paper-based Computer-based Internet-based
550 overall 213 overall 80 overall 6.5 overall

A bachelor’s degree or higher from an English-based institute

Applicants who have earned a bachelor's, master’s, doctorate, or professional degree at an accredited institute where English is the only language of instruction, and English is one of the official languages are considered meeting the English proficiency criterion.


Invalid Proof of English language Proficiency

The following lists examples of invalid proof for English proficiency:

  • Invalid test score or less than the minimum score
  • Institutional TOEFL score from any school except Pacific University
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) program certificate from any school
  • Associate degrees from community colleges in the U.S.

Incomplete Admission

The VSG Committee may consider giving “incomplete admission” to applicants with satisfactory academic qualifications but missing proof of English proficiency. Incomplete admission is valid only for two years; afterward, the applicant must re-apply for admission.