Coursework | PhD in Vision Science

The required minimum of 58.5 credit hours of PhD coursework can be satisfied by:

  • Credits for Vision Science Core Courses required for the MS degree 
  • Credits for Vision Science Seminars courses
  • Credits for Basic Research skills. 
  • Credits for PhD Advanced Research Skills: Advanced Research Methodology and Survey of Vision Science Laboratories. 
  • Credits for PhD Vision Research Colloquium
  • Credits for PhD Research Work: Laboratory Study, Proposal Writing & Grant Application, and Dissertation Research.
  • Credit for PhD Advanced Seminars: Advanced Seminars in Vision & optics, in Ocular Anatomy & Physiology, in Eye Diseases & Public Health, and in Oculomotor Function & Visual Performance. 
  • Credits for Teaching Experiences
  • Credits for Elective courses.
  • Course credits for other coursework accepted by the VSG Committee