PhD in Vision Science Student Learning Outcomes

Through intense coursework and empirical research work, the PhD students are expected to:

  1. Demonstrate advanced knowledge in the general field of vision science in the individual's specialized topical area(s).
  2. Write IRB research proposals and grant funding applications.
  3. Conduct original research or complete comprehensive literature review in the area of the individual's focus.
  4. Demonstrate fluency and independence in study design, data gathering, and data analysis.
  5. Produce an original written research dissertation of high quality, successfully defend it orally.
  6. Publish dissertation in a peer-reviewed journal or orally present it at peer-reviewed conference(s).
  7. Participate in scientific professional organization(s).
Student learning outcomes will be assessed in the following way:
  1. A candidate needs to fulfill course requirement with satisfactory performance1 and pass the qualification exam of general knowledge2
  2. A candidate is required to submit an IRB application3, when applicable, and successfully obtain approval by thesis advisor and committee4 as well as IRB committee (Pacific University). A candidate should also complete at least one grant proposal as part of the “Advanced Seminar” course requirement (e.g., courses OPT-946 to OPT-949).
  3. A candidate will complete an original research or a comprehensive review paper and successfully defend in front of the thesis advisor and committee4 to fulfill the dissertation requirement.
  4. The preliminary dissertation proposal3 including proposed research design, methodology and data analysis will be evaluated by the thesis advisor and committee4.
  5. The candidate will successfully present the completed dissertation orally as well as in its written form to the thesis advisor and committee for the final defense5.
  6. The candidate will share the learned knowledge with the professional community either in a peer-reviewed journal or a scientific conference.
  7. Active participation in the professional community as demonstrated by attendance, presentation, and/or membership in scientific organizations.
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