Learning Outcomes | Photography

After Pacific | Graduates with a minor in photography are prepared for a variety of careers, such as photojournalism and/or commercial photography. Our graduates work for Nike, Getty Images and many other organizations.

Student Learning Outcomes

Outcome 1| Creative Process
Students will be able to use a variety of brainstorming techniques to generate novel ideas of value to solve problems.

Outcome 2 | Development of Skill and Technique
Students will have sufficient mastery of one or more media to complete the technical and formal challenges pertinent to a body of original work.

Outcome 3 | Communication of Ideas and Context
Students will be able to clearly communicate the content and context of their work visually, orally and in writing.

Outcome 4 | Development of Behavior
Students will develop behaviors such as curiosity, initiative, and persistence that will help them engage with the world in productive ways. Students will be able to work independently or collaboratively to achieve stated goals.

Program Purpose

The art department offers a broad scope of opportunities for pursing art while attaining a liberal arts education. From traditional fine art subjects, such as painting and photography, to artisanal craft-based media, such as ceramics, metal, and glass; to digital technology such as 3D modeling and printing; and to community-based genres, such as eco art and social sculpture, students are sure to find an area that suits their expressive style. Rigorous study of art history across culture and time offers opportunities to consider multiple perspectives as well as providing a firm grounding for the understanding that cultural context is a shaping force for all human activity.

What connects all of these different areas is our commitment to liberal arts core values and a focus on process in relation to context. Whether painting a landscape, building a bridge, or starting a school; creative ideation, intelligent planning, and skillful execution are essential elements for generating change in the world. We believe that the studio arts provide an ideal venue for learning and practicing these critical skills. Ensuring that our students understand the applicability and transferability of the creative making process to all areas of life is a primary goal.

At the core of both the Fine Art and Design Tracks are common outcomes that help students practice and refine their creative process. Students who complete the program will be able to generate original ideas, communicate the contexts and concepts that frame and drive their work, develop their craft, and adopt behaviors for success.