Chapter 3: Clinical Education Manual

Clinical Education Manual (pdf)

  • Overview of Clinical Education
  • Clinical Site Evaluation
  • Support and Development of Clinical Sites
  • Student Requirements
  • Process of Education Experience Assignments
  • Clinical Education Experience Schedule
  • Clinical Education Experience Policy
  • Professional Behaviors 
  • Professional Dress
  • FAQs about Clinical Assignments
  • Essential Job Functions for Physical Therapists
  • Facility Clinical Education Resources
    • Developing & Maintaining a Clinical Education Program 
    • Rights & Privileges for Clinical Instructors
  • Appendix A: Curriculum Summary 2018-19 & Clinical Education Experiences Overview
  • Appendix B: Course Descriptions in the Professional Curriculum
  • Appendix C: Weekly Objectives for Clinical Education Experiences
  • Appendix D: Professional Behaviors for the 21st Century

Clinical Site Nomination Information

Clinical Site Nomination Guidelines ​(pdf)
Clinical Site Nomination Form (pdf)