Policy Review Team

The Policy Review Team (PRT) was created to address policy and compliance issues at Pacific and was approved by the President’s Cabinet on January 15, 2019. The PRT will ensure new policies are directed through the appropriate review and approval channels, and will review new and/or existing policies to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

University Policy Submission/Approval Process

  • A University Policy may be initiated by or at the request of the Board of Trustees, University Council, president, any vice president, or a designee.
  • The initiating official or the division/unit asked to draft the policy should consult with relevant university stakeholders during the process. If a policy relates to legal or compliance issues, legal review may be required.
  • After appropriate consultation, the initiating official should submit the proposed policy to the Policy Review Team for initial assessment/review. (Email policy submissions to Kim Greenwood, Senior Executive Assistant to the Provost.)
  • The Policy Review Team will recommend any revisions needed to ensure compliance with federal, state, or local laws as well as any possible changes to ensure no conflicts with existing university policies.
  • The Policy Review Team will submit their feedback and recommendations on the proposed policy to the initiating official or division/unit to the President’s Cabinet. The Cabinet may request additional information relating to the policy and will determine the remaining review and/or approval process consistent with the University Faculty and Governance Handbook.


Policy on Policies - Policy Document and Templates

University Policy Approval Process Timeline

Group or Body Action Required
Policy Review Team Reviews and provides recommendations for compliance with laws, regulations and existing university policies. Recommendations sent to proposer and to President's Cabinet.
President's Cabinet Reviews and approves. Determines path through university governance approval process
Provost's Council Review
University Council Review as informational or receive for eventual approval
Staff Senate Review
Undergraduate Student Senate (when applicable) Review
Professional Student Senate (when applicable) Review
Faculty Senate

Review as informational or receive for eventual approval

Assistant to Governance posts to policy website Published

*The Faculty Senate will continue to receive and approve academic policies as outlined in the University Faculty and Governance Handbook.

The Board of Trustees will have final approval over any university policy.

Once a new or revised university policy has met all approval requirements, it will be added to the Policies by Category webpage and the PRT will work with the initiating official or division/unit requesting the policy if a communication plan is needed to share the content beyond that repository.

Division Policies

The approval processes for division policies may be set by the individual colleges or units but must be authorized by the area dean, director or vice president of the office area represented. Division policies that have a significant impact on the university community should be submitted for publication on the university policies webpage and are subject to review and possible recommendations for revision by the Policy Review Team if they conflict with a current university policy.

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