Politics & Government Careers & Outcomes

After Pacific | Our graduates work in state and local government as well as in embassies and nongovernmental organizations abroad. They serve members of Congress, manage political campaigns, work as lobbyists and political consultants, teach English overseas and pursue graduate studies in a variety of areas. Some participate in the Fulbright Scholar Program.

They are well-rounded citizens with a deep understanding of many issues and skilled critical thinkers and communicators who are poised to lead communities, nonprofit organizations, campaigns and businesses.

Student Learning Outcomes

The curriculum is focused on a variety of approaches to political analysis, practical hands-on experience, and student research. Given this goal, we aim to:

  • Describe political phenomena in historical, contemporary, and policy contexts
  • Apply political theories and concepts to gain analytical leverage over historical and contemporary political events
  • Critically analyze political texts through criticism, constructive engagement, and lateral comparison and contrast
  • Publicly present and defend a political research projects in an engaging, cogent way

Program Purpose

Politics and government is the process by which a community decides what common goals it wants to achieve, what its rules will be, and how those policies and rules will be carried out or enforced. Nothing is more important to a healthy society. We are fascinated by the political process in the United States and in the world and concerned about its outcome and we welcome all students who share that interest.

What can you do with a politics & government degree?

While our program provides an excellent foundation for graduate study in political science, the primary focus of the department is to provide skills and habits of mind useful in a wide range of professions. Recent graduates of the department have found jobs and careers in law, politics, business, teaching, journalism, and government service. Some of our graduates continue their educations in professional programs in law, business (MBA), international affairs, education, public administration, and other fields. Many work directly after college (often as staff members for elected officials or government agencies) before going on to graduate school.