Student Ambassadors | Applied Psychological Science

Our Ambassadors offer insight about Pacific University School of Professional Psychology's Masters in Applied Psychological Science program to prospective students and any other party requesting information about student life or the area. In addition to this, the Ambassadors help assist with open house, interview days, and other events. They also work very closely with the Admissions office in providing an invaluable resource for prospective students.

If you would like to speak with a current student about their experience applying to or choosing Pacific University, you are invited to contact one of our student ambassadors. They will be happy to help you.

Class of 2023

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Riley Foy

First year | Clinical Psychology

Undergraduate Institution | Santa Clara University

Hometown | Sacramento, California

Why I chose Pacific | I chose Pacific because of their focus on both the research and clinical sides of psychology. The school and faculty provide students opportunities to be involved in both clinical work and research. I enjoy the option to do a thesis or an evidence-based practice sample. I also enjoy that the school has a class that integrates students from different health professions to be able to apply a more holistic approach to treatment of individuals. Everyone at Pacific has been incredibly friendly, helpful and welcoming, allowing me to transition to graduate school with ease.

Hobbies | Singing, dancing, working out, hiking, and socializing with friends

River Heisler

First year | Clinical Psychology

Undergraduate Institution | Brandeis University

Hometown | Madison, Wisconsin

Why I chose Pacific | I chose Pacific because of the clinical opportunities, as well as the small cohort sizes and very accessible faculty! The research being conducted by the faculty is so varied and offers so many different opportunities to explore exciting new areas that are cutting edge in our field! I love the fact that the local practitioner model is so heavily emphasized throughout the MA as well as the doctoral programs. The entire curriculum is dedicated to crafting the highest quality practitioners, and I am proud to be part of such a wonderful program!

Hobbies | Reading, writing, cooking, baking, and exploring all the beauty Oregon and the PNW have to offer!

Class of 2022

Hollie Crandell

Second year | Clinical Psychology

Undergraduate Institution | University of California, Davis

Hometown | Redding, California

Why I chose Pacific | I chose Pacific University because this program fits my academic and professional areas of interest the most. The APS program gives me the tools I need to perfect my clinical skills, while also allowing me to work and conduct research at a lab. Besides all of the incredible opportunities offered, I felt instantly connected to students and faculty members. This is a program where everyone is supportive and wants you to succeed, and it is apparent in the way we treat each other here. 

Hobbies | I enjoy drinking coffee, buying plants, going on hikes, and spending time with my family and friends.

Ravneet Dhaliwal

Second year | Clinical Psychology

Undergraduate Institution | University of British Columbia

Hometown | Surrey, BC, Canada

Why I chose Pacific | I chose Pacific for its unique program that aligned with my academic and professional goals. I felt this program will allow me to focus on my clinical and research skills, while also preparing me to be a competitive PsyD applicant. I also really liked how this program is in a college of health professions, creating an opportunity for interprofessional growth. From the very beginning, I felt welcomed and supported by the faculty. The APS program is home to a diverse and inclusive community that made me feel right at home.

Hobbies | I enjoy swimming, baking, road trips, and spending time with my family and friends.

Marina Garcia

Second year | Clinical Psychology

Undergraduate Institution | Portland State University

Hometown | Salem, Oregon

Why I chose Pacific | I chose Pacific becasue of its dual-focused program. The ability to learn clinical and research skills in one program is super helpful in planning your future career. I also felt that the faculty were genuinely invested in my success and professional growth. I was approached as a person rather than a prospective student that needed to prove themselves. The combination of a solid program and personable interactions really fosters a positive learning experience.

Hobbies | I enjoy painting, live concerts, eating, and watching a good show.

Nadine Wander

Second year | President Elect for the APS Class 2022 | Clinical Psychology

Undergraduate Institution | University of Central Oklahoma

Hometown | Los Angeles, California

Why I chose Pacific | I chose Pacific University because it is one of the few accredited programs with a concentration in Latino/a/e behavioral and mental health training. This is especially important to me as it allows me to develop the foundation for pursuing a career path for working with children and families and in behavioral/health-based research. The APS program combines creative, collaborative, and culturally sensitive research, small class sizes for cohort-bonding, and a surplus of opportunities to gain leadership experience. 

Hobbies | Calligraphy, astronomy, reading 1920 literature, and playing with my two cats Fitz and Gerald.