Student Ambassadors | Applied Psychological Science

Our Ambassadors offer insight about Pacific University School of Professional Psychology's Masters in Applied Psychological Science program to prospective students and any other party requesting information about student life or the area. In addition to this, the Ambassadors help assist with open house, interview days, and other events. They also work very closely with the Admissions office in providing an invaluable resource for prospective students.

If you would like to speak with a current student about their experience applying to or choosing Pacific University, you are invited to contact one of our student ambassadors. They will be happy to help you.

Class of 2019

Kaitlyn Iseminger

First Year | Clinical Psychology

Undergraduate Institution | East Texas Baptist University, Psychology Major

Hometown | Houston, TX

One reason I chose Pacific: I chose Pacific because I wanted an institution that would continue to challenge me to be all that I can. I wanted an education where not only would I grow to learn more about the field I love, but more about myself. Pacific was the perfect environment I was seeking for continuing my education. 

Hobbies: I love to paint, read, and write- all three of those are major self-care tools of mine. I am always down to dust off my old basketball shoes to hit the court. I also love hiking and stargazing, which Oregon is one of the best places to do that. Aside from my other hobbies, I am probably brushing up on my favorite fandoms!


Natalie Weber

First Year | Clinical Psychology

Undergraduate Institution | Oregon State University

Hometown | Corvallis, OR

One reason I chose Pacific | One thing that I love about Pacific University is the faculty and professors. They really care about your learning and what you're interested in - they're always supportive. It feels like a tight knit family here and you have the freedom to be yourself. The atmospheres is warm and welcoming - you really do become close your cohort. 

Hobbies | Hiking, exploring, movies, food, drinks, music, and camping.


Ravi P. Desai 

First Year | Clinical Psychology

Undergraduate Institution | The State University of New York at Buffalo

Hometown | Hillsborough, New Jersey

One Reason I Chose Pacific | I chose Pacific because of their approach in teaching psychology and healthcare. Pacific views healthcare as an integrated approach by all healthcare professions. Since the industry is treading in this direction, getting an education here will better prepare me for the work place after I graduate. It is an exciting time to be in graduate school and I am ecstatic to be here at Pacific!

Hobbies | I love playing tennis and watching all sports especially football! I enjoy exploring the city for interesting things to do. I also love to watch movies and eat amazing food.


Caitlin Hines

First Year | Clinical Psychology 

Undergraduate Institution: University of Oregon, Biology and Psychology major 

Hometown | Fallbrook, California 

One Reason I Chose Pacific: One major reason I was drawn to Pacific was the great reputation the program had in the community. I understood why this was when I learned more about the program itself and met the faculty at interview day. Everyone here has a clear investment in a student's success as well-rounded members of the field. 

Hobbies: I love exploring the Oregon coast! I’m constantly amazed at how different the coast and beaches are here compared to the ones I grew up on in Southern California. When I’m not able to make it out for an adventure, I enjoy watching Netflix (of course), cooking and baking. 


Heather Hodel

First Year | Clinical Psychology 

Undergraduate Institution: 

Hometown | Albany, OR

One Reason I Chose Pacific:  I fell in love with Pacific University because Psychology its integrated in the broader healthcare system. Pacific sees Psychology as an important tool that needs to be brought to many, if not all, healthcare communities.

Hobbies: Netflix, art, crocheting, and cooking


Prianka Maharaj

First Year | Clinical Psychology 

Undergraduate Institution: Washington State University - Major: Psychology, Minor: Neuroscience

Hometown | Ewa Beach, HI/Pullman, WA

One Reason I Chose Pacific:  One main reason I chose Pacific was the close-knit atmosphere it brought to students. I did not want to be another face among my peers and faculty members in graduate school - Pacific was able to eliminate that fear immediately. 

Hobbies: Netflix, napping, hiking, gaming, adventuring to new places, crafts, listening to music, and anything I do with my two best friends!


Katie Austin

First Year | Clinical Psychology 

Undergraduate Institution: University of Oregon, Psychology Major

Hometown | Albany, OR

One Reason I Chose Pacific:  I was born and raised in Oregon and definitely wanted to stay in this beautiful state for graduate school. I admired the values of pacific University but was truly sold once I visited the campus. The faculty, students, and environment were amazing. I loved the idea of being apart of a program that focused on building a community, with both students and faculty encouraging growth and success of every student. We are in this together inside of competing against each other. As a student, it is extremely beneficial to have such close relationships with your peers and faculty.  

Hobbies: I love exploring the outdoors, hiking, fitness, reading, food, and music. 


Alecc Quezada

First Year | Clinical Psychology 

Undergraduate Institution: Utah State University

Hometown | Rohnert Park, CA

One Reason I Chose Pacific:  The main reason I chose to attend Pacific University is because of the welcoming atmosphere. Their is an immediate sense of family that resonates from faculty and students. The faculty here are dedicated to seeing you succeed and are willing to help you through any obstacles that school, or life, may throw at you. The community, including PhD, PsyD and other healthcare professionals on the campus, is extremely integrated. We are one big team and everyone wants you to succeed. 

Hobbies: I love soccer, volleyball, frisbee golf, rock climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding, and the outdoors. I also enjoy movies, video games, music, food and a good book. 


Lara Quan

First Year | Clinical Psychology

Undergraduate Institution: University of Washington 

Hometown | Bothell, WA

One Reason I Chose Pacific:  I chose to attend Pacific Universality because of the highly collaborative atmosphere that is fostered by both the faculty and the students. 

Hobbies: In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends, eating, playing with my dog and watching Netflix. 


Class of 2018

Emily Nelson

Second Year | Applied Research

Undergraduate Institution | Black Hills State University | Psychology and Sociology Major

Hometown | Belle Fourche, SD 

One reason I chose Pacific: The main reason I chose Pacific was due to the faculty. I could tell they were all very dedicated to their craft and educating the students here. Having passionate faculty is a big key to creating passionate students. The atmosphere here is very welcoming and enjoyable. This in return harvests a great learning environment. It also doesn't hurt that Pacific University is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. There's always something to do and explore both academically and personally. 

Hobbies: Dancing, Reading, Exploring, Nature Walks, Sleeping, Netflix & Hulu

Samantha Stanich

Second Year | Clinical Psychology

Undergraduate Institution | The Evergreen State College, Psychology major

Hometown | Ogden, Utah

One reason I chose Pacific | I chose Pacific because I was attracted to the intimate class sizes and the interdisciplinary programs. As a student you really become a part of the community at Pacific. I find it extremely beneficial to have such close relationships with faculty and peers.

Hobbies | Outdoor adventuring, running, volleyball, snowboarding, swimming, and camping.

Nathan Jacquez

Second Year | Clinical Psychology

Undergraduate Institution | Southern Utah University, Psychology major

Hometown | Ogden, Utah

One reason I chose Pacific | I chose Pacific because I love the area and felt like the faculty and staff really care about your education and want you to be successful in whatever you do. There are plenty of opportunities to make your education your own and you can work with the faculty to make that happen. The students help each other and want to make sure that each other succeeds. There is a sense of community that I love and I think it is necessary to be successful in the program you are in. You can find any resource you need and everyone will help you as much as they can.

Hobbies | I liked to read, watch a movie, Netflix, Hulu, listen to music, play video games, hike, camp, explore new areas.

Lindsey Bratland

Second Year | Clinical Psychology

Undergraduate Institution | University of Minnesota- Twin Cities

Hometown | Ham Lake, MN

One reason I chose Pacific | I chose Pacific because there is a sense of community between the students and the faculty. The professors are always willing to help and genuinely care about your success. I also enjoy the integration between the PhD, PsyD, and APS programs. It allows you to share the experiences you have with one another. All of these aspects make for a really valuable learning environment.

Hobbies | I love exploring new areas whether it be outdoors or new places to eat. Some of my other hobbies include: hiking, kayaking, yoga, volleyball, basketball, golf, Netflix, photography, reading and listening to music.

Rachel Madden

Second Year | Clinical Psychology

Undergraduate Institution | Arkansas Tech University, Psychology major

Hometown | Russellville, Arkansas

One reason I chose Pacific | When I visited campus on interview day I fell in love with the program and the faculty. They all made me feel welcome and I felt like home. Everyone at Pacific, including students, all feel approachable and down to earth.

Hobbies | I enjoy being outdoors and spending time with my dogs. I also enjoy playing video games and binge Netflix shows.

Kayleigh Rogalski

Second Year | Clinical Psychology

Undergraduate Institution | Case Western Reserve University

Hometown | Hiram, Ohio

One Reason I Chose Pacific | From Day 1 at Pacific (including my online research of the school), the message has been self-care. I believe in a holistic approach to psychology, and I am happy to be a part of a program that fosters that belief. Graduate school is a stressful time and having faculty and administrators who understand that goes miles. Pacific’s warm, welcoming atmosphere is palpable. 

Hobbies | I love exploring Oregon’s natural beauty!  I’m a big hiker, camper, and kayaker, so this place is paradise for me. And I can’t wait to find a rowing team, so if you know of one, email me! I’m also a big ole comedy nerd, and I’m pretty into improv. If you don’t see me on stage making a fool of myself, you will definitely hear my boisterous laugh booming from the front row of all the comedy shows I can afford to go watch.

Allisa Stopa

Second Year | Clinical Psychology

Undergraduate Institution | Portland State University, Psychology Major

Hometown | St. Helens, Oregon

One Reason I Chose Pacific | I chose Pacific because of the school’s reputation for being supportive and inclusive. I have met a handful of people who have graduated from Pacific and every single one raved about their cohort and how the school fosters team work and collaboration. I really wanted to be a part of a college that emphasizes communal good as opposed to competition.

Hobbies | I absolutely love everything about being outdoors. I spend the majority of my free time kayaking, hiking, camping, and fishing. If you have not been salmon fishing I would highly suggest it. Oregon has some of the best salmon fishing there is. When I am not out on an adventure, I am usually baking. I love making sweets and even more so eating them! I also really enjoy cooking, reading, and spending as much time as I can with my two dogs.

Alexandra Benton

Second Year | Clinical Psychology

Undergraduate Institution | Portland State University, Communication Studies Major

Hometown | Corvallis, OR

One reason why I chose Pacific | I chose Pacific because I wanted to continue my education in an environment where I felt connected with both my fellow classmates and my professors. I've been amazed by the sense of community and support that is shown by the students, faculty, and staff members. The professors truly care about your education, and will provide you with the best resources and experiences to support your educational and future career goals. The students are also very warm and welcoming, which helps make the transition into graduate school much easier.

Hobbies | Running, Pilates, Netflix, and scouting out new brunch spots in Portland.

Minh-Hao Tran

Second Year | Applied Research

Undergraduate Institution | Oregon State University, Psychology Major

Hometown | Portland, OR

One reason I chose Pacific | I was drawn to the program here due to the close-knit nature of the college community. The faculty and fellow students here are invested in not only ensuring academic growth, but character and personal growth as well. The program laid out allows you to create personal and professional connections with peers and institutions in the community.

Hobbies | Hiking, fitness, road trips, food, pub trivia, and of course Netflix