Student Ambassadors | Applied Psychological Science

Our Ambassadors offer insight about Pacific University School of Professional Psychology's Masters in Applied Psychological Science program to prospective students and any other party requesting information about student life or the area. In addition to this, the Ambassadors help assist with open house, interview days, and other events. They also work very closely with the Admissions office in providing an invaluable resource for prospective students.

If you would like to speak with a current student about their experience applying to or choosing Pacific University, you are invited to contact one of our student ambassadors. They will be happy to help you.

Class of 2022

First Year Student Ambassador Information Coming Soon!

Class of 2021

Makenna Armijo

Second year | Clinical Psychology

Undergraduate Institution | The University of California, Irvine

Hometown | Rancho Santa Margarita, California

Why I chose Pacific | I chose Pacific University because their program most closely aligned with my academic and professional career goals. I felt that the faculty, coursework, and hands-on training would help make me the most competitive candidate that I can be for PsyD programs in the future. I also love how small Pacific's graduate campus is because it provides a great opportunity to really bond with your cohort and connect with faculty.

Hobbies | I enjoy hiking, exploring with my dog, traveling, reading, and cooking.

Sydney Bell

Second year | Clinical Psychology

Undergraduate Institution | St. Cloud State University

Hometown | St. Paul, Minnesota

Why I chose PacificI chose Pacific because I like how all the health professions programs are integrated in the same campus. Knowing that in the future, I will work with other health professionals, it is comforting to know they view us as a community and not just the psych students in their own bubble. Now that I am a student here, I like how determined the faculty is on helping us succeed. I also like how small the cohorts are. It's very comfortable here.

HobbiesI enjoy sports like hockey and baseball (Go Wild & Twins!). I also love playing video games in my spare time and exploring the outdoors.

Siena Benson

Second year | Clinical Psychology

Undergraduate InstitutionWashington State University (Pullman) 

HometownFort Lauderdale, Florida

Why I chose PacificI chose Pacific University because our faculty consistently works to ensure its students are performing efficiently and successfully. Pacific is more than a university-we are a family. 

Hobbies | I enjoy traveling, outdoor activities, painting, and singing out of tune. (:

Sunny Brown

Second year | Clinical Psychology 

Undergraduate Institution | Pacific University

Hometown | Sandpoint, Idaho

Why I chose Pacific | From my very first interaction with the staff and faculty in undergrad, I was met with open arms and a family atmosphere. Everyone is supportive, welcoming, and encouraging in academia and in juggling our personal lives. I would not have wanted to go anywhere else for graduate school after attending Pacific prior.

Hobbies | Music, running, walking dogs!

Saba Fazeli Attar

Second year | Clinical Psychology

Undergraduate Institution | Portland State University

Hometown | Vancouver, BC, Canada

Why I chose Pacific | I chose Pacific University because of their friendly and encouraging professors who truly want to see you succeed. I knew the coursework and practicing would prepare me well to be a great candidate for the PhD program as well. 

HobbiesI enjoy drawing on my spare time as well as exploring the outdoors by going on hikes! 

Grace Koontz

Second year | Clinical Psychology

Undergraduate Institution | The University of Texas at Dallas

Hometown | Snohomish, Washington

Why I chose Pacific | I chose Pacific for its collaborative environment and focus on diversity. I like how the cohort model encourages students to support one another and provides a sense of community.

Hobbies | Drawing, reading, playing D&D, and practicing Krav Maga.

Andrea McChristian

Second year | Clinical Psychology

Undergraduate InstitutionPurdue University

HometownValparaiso, Indiana 

Why I chose PacificI chose Pacific because it had a very welcoming and encouraging environment. The program allows you to challenge yourself and continue to grow as a person while furthering your education. The program will also prepare you to be a competitive candidate for PhD and PsyD programs. 

HobbiesI love hanging out with my dog, Einstein, hiking, binge-watching crime tv shows, and exploring for new places to eat! 

Elizabeth Richardson

Second year | Clinical Psychology

Undergraduate Institution | Oregon State University

Hometown | Corvallis, Oregon

Why I chose Pacific |

Hobbies |

Rachel Schaefer

Second year | Clinical Psychology

Undergraduate InstitutionPortland State University, Bachelor of Science in Psychology

HometownNorth Bend, Oregon

Why I chose PacificI chose Pacific because it was clear that it valued diversity, and there are several opportunities to engage with the surrounding communities as a student. There is also a sense of community within the students and faculty, which was the supportive environment I was looking for in deciding which university was right for me.

HobbiesI like to spend time going on trail runs, cooking, going to pow wows and canoeing. I love trying new places to eat in Portland and exploring different farmer’s markets. 

Preston Turner

Second year | Clinical Psychology

Undergraduate InstitutionLinfield College

HometownTigard, Oregon

Why I chose PacificI chose Pacific because of its supportive faculty and passionate students. Pacific's programs offered exactly what I was looking for to boost my knowledge and experience.

HobbiesCoffee roasting, classical guitar, dungeons and dragons, reading/writing poetry, and obsessing over my cat.