Self-Designed Interdisciplinary Studies | Academic Advising Handbook

The Self-Designed Interdisciplinary Studies major (SDIM) gives students an opportunity to create their own major through existing coursework available at Pacific University. This major is designed to allow students to pursue unique intellectual paths that are not available in existing Pacific majors. For example, a student who wants to explore Arts Management could create a SDIM with Art Studio, Art History, Business, and Media Arts coursework.

More general information on other academic requirements can be found on the Academic Advising Handbook page. The SDIM section of the Academic Advising Handbook (pdf) and the Course Catalog (pdf) are available for download.

Note: The SDIM will not be approved as a substitute for extant disciplinary major or minor programs of study available within the College of Arts and Sciences. Nor will an SDIM be approved for strictly vocational education or strictly preparatory programs such as pre-optometry or pre-pharmacy.

Students interested in pursuing the SDIM must have exceptional self-discipline and self-direction. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required to apply to the SDI Major and a minimum GPA of 3.2 in the SDI Major is required to graduate.

Students must apply to be accepted as SDI majors and can pick up an application from the Advising Center Director. Aside from the minimum GPA they need to be able to articulate their goals and outcomes with their designed major. Students will work with the Advising Center Director and two faculty advisors on the application. Most applications take three drafts (or more) before being ready to submit. The student’s two faculty advisors will also need to write a letter of support for the student and SDIM being proposed.

Once the major is proposed it must be approved by the Advising Center Director and, if approved, taken to the Curriculum Committee for approval. If the application is denied then the student will need to declare an existing Pacific major.

Students should complete the SDIM approval process no later than the end of the sophomore year/upon completing 60 credits (transfer students with higher than sophomore standing should apply in the first year attending Pacific). Students unable to complete the SDIM process successfully or in a timely manner will be required to declare an existing major within the College of Arts and Sciences. Students should begin this process by meeting with the Advising Center Director during the first 4 weeks of the fall or spring semester.