Advising Handbook | Social Equity and Social Change Minor

Social Equity and Social Change is an interdisciplinary minor housed in the Sociology, Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Law & Society (SOANCJ) department. The minor consists of 22-24 credits and draws from SOANCJ courses in four different categories: (a) overview of social inequality, (b) frameworks of change, (c) structural/institutional/cultural considerations, and (d) engaging in social change. Sixteen credits focus on examinations of social inequality, frameworks for social change, and structural, institutional, and cultural considerations in creating social change. The remaining six to eight credits are dedicated to courses that provide students with opportunities to engage in social change activities. This structure provides students with an understanding of how our social worlds enable or constrain social change and provide avenues for actively engaging in social change efforts. By completing the proposed minor students will gain a better understanding of social change occurs and develop their skills to be social change leaders. Students pursuing this minor should have a minor advisor.

Requirements for the Social Equity and Social Change Minor

Students must complete credits in each of the following categories. At least eight (8) credits must be upper division credits and no more than three (3) classes in the minor can be from the same prefix.

Overview of Social Inequality (4 Credits)

  • SOC 110: Understanding the Apocalypse
  • SOC 120: Images, Society, and Identity
  • SOC 130: Stump the Sociologist
  • SOC 150: Special Topics in Introductory Sociology
  • ANTH 101: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • CJLS 101: Introduction to Law and Society

Frameworks of Change (4 Credits)

  • ENV 390: Community Engaged Research Methods
  • HIST 256: Leaders and Leadership
  • HIST 435: Youth and Social Change in World
  • IS 201: Intercultural Communication
  • PHIL 202: Ethics and Society
  • POLS 302: Politics and Elections (CE)
  • POLS 321: Protest, Dissent, and Social Change
  • PH 310: Social Foundations of Population Health
  • SOC 203: Social Change (CE)
  • SOC 202: Public Sociology
  • SOCWK 351: Social Policy and Social Justice
  • New Course in Development: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Organizations

Structural/Institutional/Cultural Considerations (8 Credits)

  • ARTHI/GSS 281: Women, Gender and Sexuality in Art
  • ANTH 317: Pop Culture: Cultural Studies
  • ANTH 203: Contemporary Pacific Studies
  • ANTH 207: Good Food: Eating and Community (CE)
  • CJLS 300: Criminal Justice System
  • ENV 352: Gender and the Environment
  • HIST 232: The Holocaust
  • HIST 245: Modern African American History
  • HIST 333: History of the British Empire
  • HIST 369: Get Rich! Wealth in American History
  • SOC 360: Critical Race Theory (CE)
  • SOC 316: Gender and Sexuality
  • SOC 347: Global Capitalism and Neo-Colonial Inequalities
  • PHIL 315: Philosophy of Law
  • POLS 310: Markets, Politics, and Justice
  • POLS 322: Suppression of Dissent
  • POLS 326: Civil Liberties

Engaging in Social Change (6-8 Credits)
Although not required, it is recommended that students take the engaging in social change courses after completing the other requirements for the minor.

Complete one of the following:

  • At least 2 (6-8 Credits) of the Following Civic Engagement Courses (CE course from above cannot be used again in this section)
    • ANTH 311 / PH 311 / GSS 311 Medicine, Body, & Culture
    • CIV 227 Action for Affordable Housing
    • CIV 233 Healthy Communities
    • CIV 240 Food for Thought and Action
    • CIV 317 Introduction to Grant Writing and Non-Profit Fundraising 
    • CJLS 375 Juvenile Justice and Delinquency
    • CJLS 380: Practicum
    • EDUC/SPAN 371: The Ecuadorian Experience (Travel Prep Course)
    • EDUC/SPAN 372: The Ecuadorian Experience (Travel Course)
    • GSS 341 Service for Gender Equity        
    • MEDA 153/35: Video for Community Engagement
    • PH / SOCWK 225 Peer Health Education
    • PH 380: Public Health Field Experience
    • POLS 304 Community Politics
    • SOCWK 201 Principles of Social Work
    • SOCWK 301 Macro Social Work Practice
    • SOCWK 481: Social Work Practicum
    • SPAN 325 Mex-Amer Cultural Exploration

ANTH 207, SOC 203, SOC 360, POLS 302, and POLS 321 can be used to fulfill the requirements of this category if they are not used in one of the above categories.

  • 1) One Civic Engagement Course from the list above and 2) an Internship Approved by Students Minor Advisor