Social Innovation and Nonprofit Leadership | Advising Handbook

This is a hands-on, practice-based minor designed for students majoring in the arts, humanities, social and natural sciences. Students who complete this minor will learn skills central to pursuing professional careers dedicated to social justice, change and service in the public, nonprofit, and for-profit sector. Students will learn how to be innovators who make positive contributions to community with the principles and practices of entrepreneurship, leadership, and management to steward their ideas successfully into operation.

The Minor in Social Innovation and Nonprofit Leadership will prepare undergraduate students to start and lead organizations (public, for-profit, or non-profit) in a way that is economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable.

Center Affiliation and Field Experience

The minor is a partnership between the McCall Center for Civic Engagement and the Berglund Center.

Students minoring in SINP are encouraged to take part in Civic Engagement and Innovation programs sponsored by both centers. SINP minors should utilize Pacific’s Makerspace as they learn about social innovation as a process for addressing systemic social and environmental challenges.

Course Sequencing for the Minor

Students should take SINP 101 and SINP 102 as soon as their schedule permits. Typically, SINP 101 are offered every fall and SINP 102 will be offered every spring. Students must take SINP 101 before SINP 301.

Many elective courses can also count toward core and major requirements.

Transfer Student and Latecomer Information

Students can start this program as juniors if they are able to fit in 6-8 credits dedicated to this minor in Fall and Spring, and make room for the winter course, SINP/SOC 220 Diversity & Equity in Organizations. This program includes opportunities to meet core requirements such as IDP and CE, as well as upper division courses.  However, please contact the department prior to declaring this minor to discuss frequency of course offerings. 

 Annual Class Planning Guide

This planning guide shows the predicted offerings for certain courses in this program. Use the guide to help you think about future terms. For a list of classes currently offered and how they fulfill core requirements, please see BoxerOnline and cross-reference this page as needed. Meet with your advisor and/or reach out to the department if you have questions.


Course number

Course name





SINP 101

Foundations in Innovation & Leadership




Contact department to confirm

SINP 102

Professional Seminar




Contact department  to confirm


Diversity & Equity in Organizations





SINP 301

Social Innovation in Practice




Contact department  to confirm

SINP 302

Project Management




Contact department  to confirm

SINP 318

Writing Federal Grants




Contact department  to confirm