Health Insurance | Speech-Language Pathology Post-Bacc

All registered students At Pacific University who are enrolled in one or more credit hours are required to be covered by medical insurance. The university offers an insurance plan through Academic Health Plans to cover medical needs beyond the scope of services provided at the Student Health Center. The premium is automatically billed on the tuition billing statement unless proof of comparable coverage is provided by completing the online waiver by the deadline date for approval.

The online waiver form, with deadline dates can be found at the Academic Health Plans website.

If it is found later that you do not meet the plan eligibility, the premium will be refunded and eligibility denied. Information about the medical coverage offered by Academic Health plans can be found here. (pdf)

For questions about coverage or to inquire about more comprehensive coverage, please call our local insurance representatives, WSC Insurance, at 503-357-3154.

Information about the Pacific University Student Health Center can be found here.