Sports Communication Major Requirements

The sports communication degree provides students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in leadership positions in the fields of sports and recreation while also providing them with a set of interdisciplinary electives that will increase their effectiveness and make them stand out. Please see the major requirements for a list of required courses.

When planning for your sports communication major, please consider the following:

  • Minors/Double-Majors: Students completing a sports communication major are encouraged to pursue one or more minors and/or a double-major that will augment their skill set as communicators and give them the ability to apply different perspectives to their professional lives. Electives in the sports communication major and minor allow students to complete one or more requirements in a second academic area.
  • Prerequisites: Be sure to check course prerequisites early in your degree planning, as there are a number of courses that have a prerequisite or are offered as a sequence, such as MEDA 318. Many of the courses in the major will require sophomore or junior standing.
  • Internship: 4 credits of internship (MEDA 475) are required and should be completed no later than the fall of the senior year. Students can earn the internship credits in more than one semester (e.g. two 2-credit internships). Internships can be completed in the summer months (between third and fourth year), but will require advance approval (and additional tuition).

All major and minor requirements, including for a major in sports communication, can be found in the online academic catalog.

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