Information for Sexual Assault Survivors

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If you think you have experienced an unwanted sexual experience, you are not alone and it is not your fault. You may be feeling a variety of emotions, ranging from feeling angry, scared or even not feeling anything; all of this is a normal reaction to a very abnormal and scary experience. You may be confused about what your options are. Please remember that, no matter what you do, there is no one correct way to handle this. You survived a very difficult situation and that is the important thing. Whatever you choose to do, it is important to pay attention to what makes you feel safe.

Campus Wellness provides confidential advocacy. Advocates can help you process your experience, connect you to resources and explain your options for reporting. To meet with an advocate fill out this Advocacy Request Form. Someone will get back to you within 24 hours to set up a meeting. If you need immediate assistance you can contact the Sexual Assault Resource Center's 24 hour hotline: 503.640.5311

For more information regarding on campus resources, visit the On Campus Resources page.

For more information regarding off campus resources, visit the Off Campus Resources page.

View anonymous sexual misconduct reporting form (pdf) for information on anonymous reporting. 

Many people may tell you that you need to go to the hospital and file charges with the police. Remember that these are only two of your options and the choice is completely up to you. There are many good reasons why people choose this route and many good reasons why people do not. The important thing to remember in the aftermath of an unwanted sexual experience is you have options and you have the right to make whatever choices make you feel safe. You did the best you could to survive a horrible situation.