Practicum Training Opportunities | Student Counseling Center

The Student Counseling Center (SCC) at Pacific University provides training to doctoral-level trainees from the School of Graduate Psychology at Pacific University and from George Fox University. The mission of the SCC is to support undergraduate and graduate students* in reaching their academic potential by focusing on intellectual, emotional, social, and cultural development.

Overview of Clinical Training

  • 8-11 ongoing scheduled individual clients per week (i.e., individual case load is negotiated depending on training level, frequency of appointments, and composition of clients’ presenting concerns)
  • Trainees provide short-term therapy to undergraduate and graduate students presenting with a variety of mental health concerns
  • Two 30-minute initial consultations per week
  • One-hour of crisis/walk-in consultation coverage per week

Group Therapy Opportunities

  • Interpersonal Process Groups
    • Understanding Ourselves and Others
    • Recovery from Unwanted Sexual Experiences
  • Psychoeducational Skills-Based Groups
    • Mindful Coping Group
  • Other group therapy options could be considered when clinically indicated

Outreach and Consultation Opportunities

  • Pacific Index, writing occasional articles for the student-led newspaper
  • Collaborations with campus events
  • Psychoeducational workshops for Residence Life
  • Psychoeducational presentations with various classrooms and groups on campus

Supervision and Training Support

  • One-hour a week of individual supervision with primary supervisor
    • Review of video and audio tape included in supervision
  • One-hour a week of administrative staff meetings and clinical consultation with the entire SCC staff
  • Multicultural small group supervision on a bi-weekly basis  
  • Professional development seminars on a bi-weekly basis on a range of topics pertinent to college mental health.  Some examples include:
    • Risk Assessment and Response
    • Non-Suicidal Self-Injury
    • Multicultural Competence Presentations 
    • Treatment of Trauma-Related Concerns
    • Grief & Loss with the College Population
    • Body Image and Eating Disorders
  • Trainees engage in a formal case presentation once per semester
  • SCC senior staff are available for consultation on an as-needed basis


Trainees typically start the second to last week of August and complete the training year at the end of May. Trainees average approximately 55-63 percent of their hours per week in direct service, 15 percent in training and supervision, and 22-30 percent completing paperwork for charting and accountability purposes. Opportunities may vary depending on trainees’ interests and availability.

* Students from the School of Graduate Psychology receive psychotherapy and crisis services from senior staff only, and practicum students do not have access to any scheduling or clinical information regarding their peers. More detailed information regarding the impact on training options for SGP students who access the Student Counseling Center for clinical services is available in the Information for Pacific University Graduate Psychology Students Accessing the Student Counseling Center.