Student Insurance Information

All domestic students enrolled in 3 or more credit hours and Psychology Graduate students enrolled in 1 or more credit hours are required to participate in the University Insurance through Academic Health Plans.

All students, regardless of insurance coverage, are eligible to use the Student Health Center (SHC). The SHC provides low cost primary healthcare services. There is no charge for an office visit and we strive to keep our other costs as low as possible (see health center fees for more information). For students with the University student insurance plan with Academic Health Plans, all charges incurred at the Student Health Center are covered at 100% (no deductible and no out of pocket expense for student). Students with insurance other than the University's student insurance plan will pay for charges at time of service and will receive a claim to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. 

Highlights of Academic Health Plan:

  • Coverage at an affordable rate
  • Wide access to providers, pharmacies, urgent care centers and hospitals locally and across the nation
  • Comprehensive coverage with low pharmacy copays
  • Low deductible of $300/year. Deductible waived and 100% coverage for charges incurred at the Student Health Center
  • Aetna is billed by the University for charges incurred at the SHC
  • Outstanding customer service to assist with referrals, coverage and claim information

Billing for Academic Health Plan: At the beginning of each academic year the yearly premium for the student insurance plan is automatically charged to your Business Office statement. You may waive the insurance by completing the on line waiver form and providing proof of "comparable" health coverage.

Before you waive the University insurance plan, be sure your private insurance plan is "comparable":

  1. Are all of your insurance benefits applicable in Oregon and other states? Does your insurance plan provide day to day coverage beyond your home state line? We hear from more and more students whose insurance at home does not cover them beyond state lines.

  2. Does your insurance plan provide adequate provider access? Some plans profess to have wide access to providers but then patients find that local providers are not accepting new patients within that insurance plan. Please contact providers in this area to determine if you will have access to local providers.

  3. Will you travel in any capacity while at Pacific? This includes choir trips, outdoor pursuits, club sports, and clinic rotations for those in graduate health profession programs.  If your insurance does not have coverage throughout the U.S., the insurance does not meet "comparable" criteria.

  4. Does your insurance plan have a high deductible? If yes, you should have the amount of deductible available to use for medical costs that could occur.

  5. Date of coverage meet or exceed the requirement for the school year.

  6. Full coverage for pre-existing conditions.

  7. Does your insurance have annual or lifetime policy maximums? 

The following information can be found at Academic Health Plan Website

  • Student Medical Brochure
  • How to Enroll or Waive the school sponsored insurance plan
  • ID cards
  • Search for provider

If you have additional questions about the insurance plan, please call our local insurance representative, WSC Insurance, at 503-357-3154.