Theatre & Applied Theatre Senior Projects

The following is a sampling of recent senior projects in Theatre and Applied Theatre.


Abby Weinman, Mary's Monster (performance piece), Theatre


Julia Pearl, Playback Theatre with Older Adults, Applied Theatre

Abby Ryan, You and I and the End of the World: A One-Woman Performance About Grief, Theatre

Emily Smith, Eat the Rich (original play), Theatre


Dawson Oliver, "William Shakespeare Lives" Performance Piece, Theatre

Leiana Petlewski, From the Heart to the Legs (devised verbatim theatre), Applied Theatre

Elizabeth Swetland, "Love Always, Alyssa" (original play), Theatre


Kenesaw Denham, Lighting Design for Theatrical Production, Theatre

Elliot Lorenc, The Ballad of Aurelie: A Grimm Brothers' Story of Iron and Gold (original play), Applied Theatre

Lauren Maland, Dis/Connection (solo devised play), Applied Theatre 

Miranda StallmanBreak a Leg (devised play), Theatre


Jenna Cady

Elise Dixon

Sky Hanley

Trevor Harter

Josh Hauser

Sarah Neely

Kenny Pratt


Avery Kester, Pressure (original play), Theatre

Jojo Miller, Playwriting and Domestic Violence, Applied Theatre

Abigail Morgan, Fundamentals of Stage Management (workshop), Theatre

Alexis Zmuda, Don't Tell (original play), Creative Writing


Jeremy Likens, The Price of Reality (original play), Theatre


Sierra Miller, 2:47 (original play), Theatre

Ryan Himes, 2:47 by Sierra Miller (directing), Theatre

Lindsay Partain, Clara (original play), Theatre

Alec Lugo, R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots) by Karel Capek (directing), Theatre

Griffin DeWitt, Smash by Jeffrey Hatcher (lighting design), Theatre

Mari Cobb, Applied Theatre Workshops in a Local Retirement Home, Applied Theatre


Ethan Dung, Iphigenia in Orem: A Solo Show (acting), Theatre

Yuki Kono, Comedy Delivery Service from Japan

Kailea Saplan, Dance Slow Decades (original play), Theatre


Kelsie Johnson, Some Kind of Half-Life (original play), Theatre

Briana Tiano-Mohr, The Burial at Thebes (dramaturgy), Theatre

Jenelle Taylor, Applied Theatre: an alternative approach to HIV/AIDs in Tanzania, Applied Theatre

Carolyn O’Brien-Dunn, Drama Therapy and Autism: Past, Present, and Possibilities, Applied Theatre


Gavin KnittleOur Town (directing), Theatre

Michael Johnson, Bucket Brigade (original play), Creative Writing

Heather Nichelle-Peres, The F Word: Feminist Activism through Playwriting and Performance, Theatre

Valerie Fournier and Chris Mikulic, Theatre Workshops in Local Community Grade Schools, Applied Theatre


Janna Tessman, Women’s Stories of the Great Depression, original documentary play and performance

Ted Gold, Heathen Valley by Romulus Linney (scenic design), Theatre

Windy Stein, Heathen Valley by Romulus Linney (directing), Theatre


Ashley Schalow, Bold Grace, original one-woman show on the pirate Grace O’Malley