Advising for German Major and Minor

Language Head: Lorely French

Students wishing to major in German are highly recommended to double major in another discipline. All disciplines in the arts, natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities are enhanced through learning German.

The template below is a typical schedule for students with no prior German language study who wish to major in German Studies. Students with previous study in German will enter the sequence at the level determined by the language placement test. Students may waive up to 12 credits of lower-division language study for the major. Note: German 101 and 201 are usually only offered in the Fall semester. 

  Fall Spring
1st year GERM 101 (4) GERM 102 (4)
2nd year GERM 201 (4) GERM 202 (4)
3rd year Study Abroad: Students typically earn 12 upper-division credits per semester of study abroad. Study Abroad: (8-12) or German 300/400 (8) or German 300/400 (4) and elective in a related discipline, if not already taken (4)
4th year

GERM 300/400 or elective in a related discipline if not already taken (4)

GERM 494: Thesis (2)

WORLL 325 (2)

GERM 300/400 (4) or elective in another related discipline if not already taken (4)

GERM 495: Thesis (2)

Total 50 credits  

* Study Abroad: Students are required to study abroad at least one semester for 12 credits, or during the summer for 8-11 credits, plus upper division courses to total 12 credits.  For the major, upper-division hours earned abroad in a German-speaking country may also total 8-11 credits and 1 German class numbered 300 or above (1-4 credits) at Pacific to total 12 credits for overseas study.  A year of study abroad, however, is highly recommended to increase language fluency and cultural understanding. Often courses taken abroad may count for core classes in the humanities, social sciences, and arts, as well as for some required classes in some majors.  Students should consult with the chairs of departments and divisions to find out about core and major classes abroad.

Students need 16 credits of upper-division German classes for the German Studies major or 12 credits of upper-division German classes and 4 credits from another discipline.  These may be taken any semester or Winter III, depending on availability. 4 credits of these required 16 credits may also be taken while studying abroad.

Minor in German

Sample course sequence for student with no previous study in German. Students with previous study in German will enter the sequence for the minor at the level appropriate to their background. If students enter at the 300-level, they may waive the lower-division work, but are required to complete 12 credits of upper-division work.

  Fall Spring
1st year GERM 101 (4) GERM 102 (4)
2nd year GERM 201 (4) GERM 202 (4)
3rd year Any GERM 300 GERM 300/400 (4)
Total 24 credits