Center for Gender Equity

The Center for Gender Equity (promotes dialogue, programming, service, research, education and advocacy to support gender equity at Pacific University and in its neighboring communities. The center offers the following.

  • Academics, including a minor in gender and sexuality studies
  • Programming, such as speakers, plays and workshops
  • Advocacy activities supporting marriage equality, HIV/AIDS prevention and research, and an end to sexual assault and domestic violence
  • Service, including camps and workshops for youth, minorities and women in the community

The Center for Gender Equity (CGE) is open to everyone on Pacific University’s campuses and in the community, regardless of gender. We seek opportunities to cooperate with any group, as long as that collaboration furthers the mission of CGE. Services and programming reach out to all genders.

A documentary about women building self-esteem through biking

You can rent a bike at the event!

(limited number)

“The Wind in Our Hair” celebrates the way cycling can bring joy, increase self-confidence, and boost an overall sense of well being.  Following the film will be a presentation about how to borrow a bike through Pacific University’s bike-loan program.  Then . . . we will decorate our bikes with glow sticks and ride through Forest Grove down B-street trail!  Glow sticks will be provided, but you are encouraged to bring other lighting as well.

Free and open to the public!

Trailer for the 20 minute documentary

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Pacific’s Center for Gender Equity