Tom McCall Center for Policy Innovation

The Tom McCall Center for Policy Innovation is named after Oregon’s most famous governor. The center works to connect Pacific University students with policymakers. Through a combination of internship opportunities and on-campus activities, the center seeks to break down the walls of the ivory tower so that students learn the practical side of being citizens and to connect the university with the larger community.

Next Events

Privacy in the Age of Facebook: Choices, Challenges, Consequences

Tuesday 3 March 2015 19:00-20:30 at the Forest Grove Library (about 40 feet from the Pacific Forest Grove campus, 2114 Pacific Avenue).

We expect our internet services to be free. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, and a host of others provide us e-mail, web pages, new means of communication, and ways to tailor huge amounts of information to our personal needs. But these companies do this by collecting information that we voluntarily give to them, as well as collecting information about the ways we use these “free” services. Join us for a conversation about how this all works, why these companies use this model, and the implications for us as consumers as we move more and more of our lives online.

Our panel this year will feature three speakers with different ways of viewing this new reality.

Josh Aberant serves as Postmaster at Twitter where he is concerned with Twitter’s messaging flow, security and privacy. Josh was the co-founder and CEO of RestEngine where he led the launch and adoption of its industry leading social data outbound marketing automation platform before RestEngine was acquired by Twitter. With over 15 years of marketing automation best practices, privacy and anti-abuse experience, Josh has teams at leading outbound marketing technology platforms including Marketo, Lyris & EmailLabs. Additionally, with over 21 years of experience at tech startups, Josh has been involved in the success of many early stage startups including Collab.Net & Intershop. Josh holds a Bachelor’s in Physics from San Francisco State University and was awarded the Faculty Prize in Physics from Bishop’s University.

Amy Baggio was an assistant federal Public Defender. Amy is a brilliant lawyer and accomplished speaker who is steeped in national security and FISA issues. She probably understands the ways the government can spy on Americans as well as anyone outside of the NSA. She has been in the news recently representing Anwar Khan in Portland on a charge of providing material support on a terrorism attack in Mumbai. When she was an Assistant Federal Defender, Amy was part of the team that represented our prisoners in Guantanamo.

Cheryl Hiemstra is an Oregon Assistant Attorney General. She has been working on the National Association of Attorneys General Privacy Working Group, on legislation regarding student privacy and data breach, and she is International Association of Privacy Professionals Certified.

Sponsored by the Friends of the Forest Grove Library, Pacific University’s Tom McCall Center for Policy Innovation, and Pacific University’s Center for Education Technology and Curricular Innovation.

About the McCall Center

Here are ways the McCall Center works with the Pacific community:

  • Connects students and policy makers for activities that satisfy the Civic Engagement requirement for undergraduate students
  • Brings policymakers to campus and the Forest Grove community
  • Cosponsors events series at which students, the larger community, and policymakers can interact
  • Works with students to create projects that combine academic analysis and work with policy making processes

The director of the McCall Center, Jim Moore, works to make all this happen. Dr. Moore is one of the most widely used political analysts in the Pacific Northwest, cited in more than 3,200 newspaper and magazine articles, interviewed more than 5,100 times, and appearing frequently on television and radio to explain the political events of the day. He uses his connections in the political world to connect Pacific and policymakers in Oregon, Washington and Washington, D.C.


Jim Moore | Director, Tom McCall Center for Policy Innovation
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