Permanent Collection

The Pacific University Permanent Art Collection currently numbering over 200 pieces contains work from these artists.
  • Manuel Izquierdo Lou Ocepek
  • Kevin Braker
  • Richard Rowland
  • E.D Betts, Sr.
  • Elmer Schooley
  • Kathrin Cawein
  • Jan Shield
  • David Haidle
  • Richard Nelson
  • Haku Maki
  • Araya Pathwalker
  • Tom Hardy
  • Marilyn Mork
  • Gary Mueller
  • Barbara S. Bartholomew
  • John Waddingham
  • Bruce Literal
  • Ruri Sato
  • Gerald Greenfield

An extension of the art exhibit program is the Pacific University Permanent Art Collection which contains over two hundred works spanning two centuries. It includes drawings, prints, ceramic, paintings, sculpture, photography, stained glass and metal-smithing. A large number of the works are by recognized artists of the Northwest.

The collections are housed in various buildings throughout the campus. Over seventy works were recently installed in the Taylor-Meade Performing Arts Center, the Douglas C. Strain Science Center, the Carnegie Building and the Office of the President. The older works are held in the Old College Hall Museum, under separate classification. It is hoped that through the placement of art throughout the university, Pacific is not only giving recognition to the artists who provide such visual richness for our lives, but also is generating a more lively and humane environment in which to learn and participate.

The collection presently includes works divided into the following categories: 1) Old College Hall Collection, 2) Recognized Northwest Artists, 3) Eastern Artists, 4) Internationally Noted Artists and 5) Pacific Student Art Collection.

The collection exists due to the efforts of Presidents Emeritus: M.A.F. Ritchie; James V. Miller, and Robert F. Duvall; Mrs. M.A.F. Ritchie; past University President, Faith Gabelnick; Professor Emeritus of Art, John Horns; Professor Emeritus of English, Dr. Russell Roberts, who started the art exhibit program; Associate Professor of Art, Bob Spencer; and Professor of Art, Jan Shield, who has been involved as Director of Exhibits program and the Permanent Art Collection for over the past twenty-five years. The works have been collected through donor and direct purchase, as well as donations of art given by artists who have exhibited their work in the Kathrin Cawein Gallery. There is a special account through the Office of University Advancement where funds can be given for this restricted use.

The main purpose for establishing and continuing this collection is to enrich the lives of the entire University and the surrounding community. The works in the collection are open for public viewing and the University appreciates comments, suggestions and involvement as this program grows and continues to enrich the lives of present and future generations.

The Department of Art at Pacific University is proud to have presented art exhibits of many of the Northwest's leading and emerging artists for over 35 years. These exhibits have offered recognition to numerous artists publicly establishing their work and adding dimension, understanding and renewal to all those that view them. The University has also been instrumental in presenting artists from outside this region who have shown not only media, but also current directions in the world of art.