Campus Wellness

Campus Wellness at Pacific University provides the following to Pacific students.

  • Programming
  • Information
  • Consultation
  • Advocacy

Primary areas of expertise include but are not limited to the following.

  • Healthy relationships
  • Substance use risk reduction
  • Sexual assault/unwanted sexual experiences
  • Body image
  • Stress management


Campus Wellness Video Contest

Have you ever wanted to attend a red carpet event? Have you ever dreamed about winning an Oscar or an Emmy? Well here’s your chance! Pacific University will be hosting the first annual Wellys on December 4th. You have the opportunity to participate and win!

What are the Wellys?

 The Wellys are a video contest, where students produce short videos to educate about sexual violence prevention. Grab some friends, or work on your own, to create a video about consent or bystander intervention, and enter it for a chance to win your very own Welly! The top video will be shown at Campus Wellness Presentations, and every participant will be a part of making a positive change on our campus! Winners will walk away with their very own Welly, prizes, fame, glory, and the feeling that they made a difference!

So here’s what you do:

Make a video about…

  1. Consent: Show what an enthusiastic “yes” looks like
  • Definition: A voluntary, sober, continuous, verbal agreement between participants to engage in a specific sexual activity
  1. Bystander Intervention à Show an example of how to prevent sexual violence. Use the ACT Model = Ask for help (ask RA, call CPS, a friend), Create a distraction (“come look at this with me”), Talk to the person directly (“As your friend I’m worried about ___ because you ___”)

Here’s some examples to get your creative juices flowing….


  1. No nudity, profanity, or violence shown
  2. Up to 5 minutes long (max.)
  3. Original ideas wanted. If you plan to do a ‘spoof’ must reference the original idea


  • Email Scripts by October 16th to Campus Wellness at
  • October 16th – final day scripts are accepted
  • October 26th – scripts OK’d and returned. Start filming
  • November 25th – all videos are due

December 4th- FIRST ANNUAL WELLYS (Red Carpet Event)