Campus Wellness


Campus Wellness provides  programming and outreach on the following wellness topics:

  • Healthy relationships
  • Substance use risk reduction
  • Sexual assault/unwanted sexual experiences
  • Body image
  • Stress management

Campus Wellness Video Contest


Want to win $300 in prizes?

  • $100 Amazon gift cards
  • $50 Fred Meyer gift card
  • $100 in day trips through Outdoor Pursuits
  • Plus gift cards to Maggie’s Buns, Pizza Schmizza and the book store!


Make a Welly and win fame, glory and prizes while also making a huge difference on our campus!


What are the Wellys?

 The Wellys are a video contest, where students produce short videos to educate about sexual violence prevention. Grab some friends, or work on your own, to create a video about consent or bystander intervention, and enter it for a chance to win your very own Welly! The top video will be shown at Campus Wellness Presentations, and every participant will be a part of making a positive change on our campus! Winners will walk away with their very own Welly, prizes, fame, glory, and the feeling that they made a difference!

Make a video about…

  1. Consent: Show what an enthusiastic “yes” looks like
  • Definition: A voluntary, sober, continuous, verbal agreement between participants to engage in a specific sexual activity
  1. Bystander Intervention à Show an example of how to prevent sexual violence. Use the ACT Model = Ask for help (ask RA, call CPS, a friend), Create a distraction (“come look at this with me”), Talk to the person directly (“As your friend I’m worried about ___ because you ___”)

Here’s some examples to get your creative juices flowing….




  1. No nudity, profanity, or violence shown
  2. Up to 5 minutes long (max.)
  3. Original ideas wanted. If you plan to do a ‘spoof’ must reference the original idea


  • E-mail your idea by October 30.
  • Videos due by November 13th to Campus Wellness at
  • December 3rd- FIRST ANNUAL WELLYS (Red Carpet Event)