Presidential Inauguration Series: Latino Education

May 6, 2010, 6:00 PM
Forest Grove Campus, Jefferson Hall, Room 224

Improving the quality of education and opportunities for Latinos has emerged in our local institutions as a legal mandate and advanced as funds have been appropriated. The lecture features four presenters speaking on this topic.

Improving the quality of education and the educational opportunities for Latinos has emerged in our local educational institutions as a legal mandate and advanced as federal funds and to a lesser extent, state and local funds have been appropriated. Intervention programs have historically been based on the deficit model of compensatory education focusing on minimum attainment, thus perpetuating the stereotype of intellectual inferiority. Within the Latino community, fulfilling the dream for education and higher education in particular has been a long-standing agenda including the establishment of institutions such as Colegio Cesar Chavez in Mount Angel, Oregon.

The speakers will draw from their personal and professional experiences to reflect on their dreams, their work and hopes and aspirations for quality and equity in education for Latinos as an imperative for economic sustainability for Latinos and the community at large.

Colegio Cesar Chávez – A Dream Deferred?
Founders Jose Romero & Sonny Montes, will provide an overview of the college and what has been done to keep the dream alive

Education and Sustainability – K-12 Education
Carlos Perez, former Deputy Superintendent and community leader will reflect on this transformation

Where do we go From Here? Preparing Latinos for College and Sustainable Career Opportunities
Narce Rodriguez Bruno, Dean of Student Development, PCC-Rock Creek

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