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Pacific University’s Orientation is a unique program created to help ease your transition to college life. Pacific's Orientation experience is designed to help new students make connections to university staff, faculty, resources, and of course — other students. It also introduces you to the expectations of service to the community, academic commitment and genuine social engagement that are part of being a member of the Pacific University community. The activities during Orientation are designed to help you meet new people, get familiarized with campus and its services, and gain a better understanding of yourself as an individual. We invite you to dive into all Pacific has to offer and shape your first steps as a Boxer with us.

We look forward to meeting you. Welcome to Pacific!

Undergraduate Orientation

Aug. 21-24, 2014 - Fall Orientation

  • Freshman Orientation - Aug. 21-24 - mandatory
    • Schedule Overview - Available in June
  • Transfer Orientation - Aug. 21-22 mandatory - Aug. 23 & 24 optional
    • Schedule Overview - Available in June
  • Parent Orientation - Aug. 21-22
    • Schedule Overview - Available in June
  • Guiding Pacific Siblings Orientation (GPS) - Aug. 21-22 Optional - Must RSVP
    • Schedule Overview - Available in June

View a map of the Forest Grove campus (pdf).


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