Student Insurance Information

All enrolled students are required to be covered by medical insurance. The University offers an insurance plan through Academic Health Plans to cover medical needs beyond the scope of services provided at the Student Health Center.  At the beginning of each academic year, the Business Office bills all students for the yearly premium of the University Insurance Policy.  You may waive this insurance by providing the Business Office with information of other health insurance coverage (see waiver form in link below). 

To review the medical coverage offered by Academic Health plans, click on the link below.  Beginning in the 2009-10 academic year, the policy has a $100,000 Lifetime Maximum benefit with an option for an additional $100,000 at a higher cost.  Additional $100,000 in coverage must be opted for at the beginning of each year (forms are in link below).  Please check coverage and exclusion category carefully in the brochure to determine if this policy meets your needs.  For questions about coverage or to inquire about more comprehensive coverage, please call our local insurance representatives, WSC Insurance, at 503-357-3154.