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Welcome to the College of Optometry at Pacific University. Over the past two decades—as a student, professor, and now Dean—I have had the pleasure of seeing the College grow while remaining true to the qualities that have always made Pacific a unique place to be. Our faculty share vast expertise, our past reflects a tradition of innovation and service, and our future promises limitless opportunity. The College of Optometry at Pacific is a place that has developed and nurtured my passion for knowledge, discovery, and service within the discipline of optometry. I look forward to sharing that with you.

  Jennifer Smythe Coyle, OD, MS
  Dean, College of Optometry

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The College of Optometry is a place where visionary learners become clinical leaders.
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A major initiative of Pacific University is a third building on the Hillsboro campus. This building will include a home for optometry and create vast opportunities for more collaboration between optometry and other health professions programs. It will also provide opportunities to expand existing health professions programs, explore new partnerships and enhance services to the community.  Learn more.

1945 was the year North Pacific College of Optometry combined forces with Pacific University to become Pacific University College of Optometry. From the beginning the College has climbed the mountain of excellence in optometric education by joining a premier faculty with highly qualified students. The College’s faculty, staff and administrators are committed to our students’ and graduates’ progress, accomplishments and successes: beginning with the questions that come with the application process, followed by the excitement of new experiences, giving way to the pride of earning the White Coat, and culminating with the achievement of graduation. And it doesn’t end thereour obligation to our graduates goes even further by providing post graduate education through residency programs, teaching fellowships, the Master of Science program and Continuing Professional Education.

Mission Statement
Pacific University College of Optometry prepares engaged learners to be highly competent practitioners, optometric leaders, and vision scientists through a diverse education while advancing professional and ethical eye care, scholarship, and service to the community.

The College of Optometry values:

Goals and Objectives


Goal 1: Pacific University College of Optometry will provide diverse educational opportunities in a supportive setting that allow students to acquire a firm foundation in the basic and clinical sciences, together with optometric clinical and interprofessional experiences that prepare students for the practice of optometry.

Goal 2: Graduates of Pacific University College of Optometry will consistently demonstrate high levels of professional competency including the ability to critically analyze information.

Goal 3: Faculty and students at Pacific University College of Optometry will consistently demonstrate professional and ethical behaviors.

Goal 4: Pacific University College of Optometry will provide service to our alumni and to the public and health care communities.

Goal 5: Pacific University College of Optometry will be active in research and scholarship in vision science and health care.

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