Advising & Registration Information

Online Registration Information:

Forest Grove Undergraduate Programs (College of Arts & Sciences, College of Business, and College of Education) and the School of Professional Psychology Programs register for classes online. Online registration is accessed through BoxerOnline

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Forest Grove Undergraduate Programs Advising & Registration Schedule

Advising and registration dates for 2014 Summer and Fall terms for continuing students are:

Grouping Advising Registration *
71.00+ completed credits March 31 - April 4 April 7 - 11
35.00 - 70.99 completed credits April 7 - 11 April 14 - 18
0.00 - 34.99 completed credits April 14 - 18 April 21 - 25

*Students are assigned a specific day during this week and self-register through BoxerOnline.

Course listings and availability for Summer and Fall 2014 are accessed through BoxerOnline.                                


Waitlist Policy


 Time Conflict Policy


A course is listed with an instructor of STAFF when the instructor has not yet been assigned.  In these cases, the Department Chair/Supervisor is listed as the second instructor, so that someone is available to give Instructor Consent, and/or override pre-requisites and co-requisites, if needed. This does not mean that the Department Chair/Supervisor will teach the course.