Publicize an Event

Planning an event and need help getting the word out? There are lots of resources at Pacific to help you plan an outstanding event and connect with the right audiences.

Plan Ahead

A good event often takes several weeks to plan appropriately, and you want to leave ample time for publicity. Typically, this means locking down all of your logistics in time to allow at least six weeks for publicity and invitations.

Know Your Audience

The more specific you can be about your audience, the better the chances of meeting their needs and piquing their interest. Are you trying to reach students? Alumni? Employees? External community members? What is your goal and purpose for the event, and why would your audience want to attend?

Make Your Plans

Reserve space for your event using the online room scheduling. Conferences & Event Support Services provides logistical support for many campus activities and has an event planning guide to help you get started. You especially need to check in if you plan to have alcohol, outside catering or minors at your event. If your event includes alumni (as guests or speakers), connect with the Alumni Association for additional support and planning. 

Get the Word Out

Good publicity requires repeating your message in lots of different channels. Complete the Event Request Form to get help in building a promotional plan for your event. Our recommendations and services for event promotion may include:

  • Put your event on the university calendar. Be sure you've properly booked the space first, then include all pertinent details on your calendar post: event description, time, location, ticket prices, registration or ticket links, contact information. Adding a photo to your calendar post also can increase visibility and engagement.  
  • You may also want to build a webpage or publish a news post with additional information about your event. 
  • Do you need postcards, posters or flyers? Locate a template in the DIY toolkit or contact the student-run creative agency, MAPS, for events targeting internal audiences. Start a Design Project with MarCom to request design assistance for signature events or external audiences, or to get guidance for your event.
  • Ask to have your event included in university e-newsletters. Stories will typically run one to two weeks in advance of the event, with additional publicity for high-profile speakers and public events.    
  • Send promotional email. If your audience includes alumni, friends or community members, you may want to send promotional emails or email invitations with an email campaign
  • Connect with media. We can assist in sharing news releases or posting events with local and regional media outlets.
  • Use social media. Plan posts on your department social media channels, or request a post on university social media channels.

Need More Help?

Complete the Start a Project form to get help building a promotional plan for your event. Remember to start early, as you'll need time to finalize details, build invitation or marketing materials, and spread the word!