Adding Events to the Online Calendar

Share your events and reach your audience. The online calendar is a powerful communication tool available to all faculty, staff and students.

Anyone can check out upcoming events at a glance with the main calendar feed, browsing events on their phone or computer. Then filter by location or by type using simple checkboxes. Or jump to a specific day or use search to find exactly what you're looking for. 

Online calendar on iphone

Adding an Event

Video Tutorial | Adding a Calendar Entry (Basic)
Note: You must log in with your PUNetID to view video tutorials.

Adding an event is simple— if you are already on the calendar, click the red "Add Event" button. You will be prompted to log in. Click the red log in button to be redirected to single sign-on. Once you log in with your PUNetID, you will be redirected to the backend editing screen for "Create Calendar Entry." Follow the grey help text to fill out your calendar event.

When finished, save your event and view your draft. Then click the "Moderate" tab and apply draft status as "Needs Review." A website administrator will review and publish the entry.

You can also find a link to add a calendar entry in the MyPacific menu. You must log in to access your MyPacific page.

Customized Event Feeds

Add a calendar feed to any webpage. Target your audience with precision by choosing from an extensive list of calendar tags. Don't see a tag that fits your webpage or have an idea for a new event feed? Email to request a tag.

Featured Event Pages

Go beyond a simple event feed to create a curated page to highlight featured events. Teaser photos and event descriptions showcase events for your audience.

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