Extreme Heat Poses Danger Around Trees

The current extreme heat wave in Oregon is causing unexpected consequences.

This week, a tree branch fell from a tree near Marsh Hall on the Forest Grove Campus. The branch damage was likely due to the extreme heat, which can cause trees to explode as gas builds up in wood tissues.

During high heat periods in 2023, two small trees on Pacific’s campus partially exploded.

Though falling branches are more often associated with heavy snows or high winds in the fall and winter, people are encouraged to use caution around the campus’s large trees during extreme heat periods, as well.

The Portland area is under an excessive heat warning through 10 p.m. tonight, with the National Weather Service predicting a high of 101 degrees in Forest Grove today. High temperatures are expected to return to a more seasonal range in the 80s starting Wednesday.

Additional resources for taking care during extreme heat are available on the university’s emergency management preparedness and safety webpage.

Tuesday, July 9, 2024