With 8 billion computers in the world...

...our lives increasingly depend on vast streams of information. Computer Science, a Forbes most valuable major, opens doors to an amazing diversity of careers in fields such as software engineering, game development, bioinformatics, and database administration to name a few. Computer Science is tied into almost every area of our daily lives.

Program Highlights

Computer Science students at Pacific learn the newest technologies from knowledgeable faculty through interactive learning environments, engaging lectures and challenging projects.

To prepare students for a successful career, the curriculum exposes students to a variety of industry standard software tools. Our membership in the Microsoft Developers Network provides Computer Science students free access to Microsoft developer tools and operating systems. Open source software such as Linux and Eclipse is used in many classes.


A course in software development for smartphones and tablets, with an emphasis on Google’s Android ™ platform, is one of many classes offered. Find out more about this class.


Students will have opportunities to use what they learn in the real world through internships with local companies such as Intel, McAfee, and WebMD in the nearby Silicon Forest. Internships aren’t required but are a great way to strengthen technology skills and build a strong resume.

Research, Scholarships, Fellowships

Students have opportunities for research, scholarships and fellowships.  Find out more.

Computer Science Summer
Camp for Girls

“Girls Gather for Computer Science” will enroll 30 campers for three consecutive summers, starting in 2011. Find out more about this unique partnership and The National Science Foundation $544,248 grant awarded to support the program.

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Fact Sheet
Girls Gather for Computer Science Photos and News Story

Maggie Wigness, Pacific University computer science student, gained media attention when her summer research project challenged college football's BCS rankings. Maggie received a $3,800 Pacific University research grant and later went on to do her senior project on the subject.

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