Critical thinking, a curiosity about the world ...

and a passion for delving into, analyzing and understanding the past are hallmarks of the bachelor of arts degree in history at Pacific University. Skills gained from examining and communicating complex historical information through written text and verbal presentations apply to nearly every profession from the travel industry, journalism, library science, archival and research work, to national security, law enforcement, foreign service careers, social services, politics, law and teaching.

Program Highlights

  • In the first two years, students take survey courses for an overview of American, European, Middle Eastern and Asian history
  • The Journal of the Association of History and Computing (JAHC) is hosted at the University, an opportunity for upper-division students to work as assistant editors
  • Higher-level courses focus on research and close examination of texts through written work and in-class discussions
  • Three-week study abroad courses during the January term offer a variety of travel opportunities
  • Intensive work on a senior thesis requires students to use original sources as well as develop and sustain a meaningful historical argument on a specialized topic
  • Full- and part-time internships are available for juniors and seniors

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The major in history includes a broad range of offerings in various fields of history, extensive involvement in creative and comprehensive research projects, learning to read historical materials with understanding, to engage in critical analysis from an historian's perspective and to write polished, communicative prose. Students encounter the scholarly methodology employed by historians that contributes to the development of verbal, analytical and reading skills. More specifically, throughout the curriculum, history courses require students to produce written work that emphasizes focused analysis supported by historical evidence.