Student Handbook | Occupational Therapy

Chapter I: School of OT

Mission, Vision, and Values, Philosophy, and Design of the Curriculum (pdf)
Curriculum (pdf)
Teaching & Learning Process Philosophy (pdf)

Chapter II: Fieldwork

Fieldwork Program Overview (pdf)
Fieldwork Program Experiential Credit Allocations (pdf)
Fieldwork Administration Policy (pdf)
Out of State Fieldwork Policy (pdf)
International Fieldwork Policy (pdf)

Fill out the forms for Graduate and Professional Programs, including:

  1. Graduate and Professional Handbook (8/23/13) 
  2. Proof of Insurance Form 
  3. Traveler Information Page  
  4. Self Disclosure Medical/Disability Discussion Page 
  5. International Travel Contract 
  6. Crisis Response Plan 
  7. Exception Form for Travel Warning
  8. Travel Assist Registration Verification Form
  9. Checklist

Failure Policy (pdf)
Description of Level I Fieldwork (pdf)
AOTA Requirements for Supervision (pdf)
Description of Level II Fieldwork (pdf)
Description of Doctoral Specialty Experiential Internship (pdf)
Educational Agreement (pdf)

Chapter III: OT Stuff from A to Z

OT Stuff from A to Z (pdf)
Computer Requirements and Recommendations
Software Recommendations
Email Best Practices (pdf)
Technology - Help Resources

Bloodborne Airborne Exposure Policy (pdf)
Cleaning Toys and Equipment (pdf)
Dress Code Policy(pdf)
Kitchen Policy (pdf)
OT Equipment Loan Policy and Procedure (pdf)
Video Capture Policy (pdf)
Workshop Policy (pdf)
Social Media Policy (pdf)

Chapter IV: Academic Standards & Policies

Academic Standards, Guidelines and Policies - (See academic standards section in the School of Occupational Therapy section of the 2014/2015 catalog)
Academic Standing Summary Memo (pdf)
Academic Notification "of Concern" (pdf)
Academic Standing Action Plan (pdf)
The Occupational Therapy Student's Job Description and Essential Functions (pdf)
Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics (pdf)
Guidelines to the Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics (pdf)
Core Values and Attitudes of Occupational Therapy Practice (pdf)
Standards of Practice (pdf)
Scope of Practice (pdf)
Background Check Verification - Drug Testing (pdf)
Background Check Verification—Instructions (pdf)
Professional Behaviors (pdf)

Chapter V: Professional Involvement

Professional Involvement (pdf)
OTAO Annual Conference

Chapter VI: SOTA and Student Clubs

SOTA Bylaws (pdf)
Ambassador's Club Bylaws (pdf)

Chapter VII: Appendices and Forms

Class Representative/Liaison
Consent for Release of Information
Consent for Use of Media - School Assignments
Hillsboro Campus Emergency Plan
Immunization and History Form
Motor Pool Policies and Procedures
OT Equipment Loan Form
PDT Self-Assessment
Student Accident/Incident Form
Student Account Authorization Form
Vehicle Reservation Request

Information and Resources

Occupational Therapy Licensing Board Oregon Administrative Rules