Program Highlights

  • Develop intellectual independence, tolerance for different points of view, freedom from dogmatism, and critical thinking, analytical and communication skills
  • Participate in the Pacific University Undergraduate Philosophy Conference, an annual two-day conference attracting students from more than 20 states and Canada. Enjoy a keynote address at the spring conference by a renowned philosopher
  • Meet a dedicated faculty of scholars who thrive on one-to-one interaction with students.
  • Experience rigorous analysis of philosophical texts, discussion-based classes, exposure to alternate worldviews and links between philosophy and other disciplines


Philosophy majors can choose from two distinct tracks: general philosophy or ethics, society and law. Either way, philosophy majors are encouraged to take courses in all the areas that Pacific offers. In addition, students also have the opportunity to take courses including bioethics, philosophy of science, philosophy of religion, philosophy of mind, philosophy of law, philosophy of art and Asian philosophy.


The philosophy major at Pacific University often leads to careers in teaching, law, politics, healthcare, counseling, publishing and business. Because students are trained to think and communicate clearly and critically, they tend to be effective problem-solvers. Graduates of the program are effective at analyzing problems, articulating ideas orally and in writing, and can keep sharp focus on the details and the “big picture.” Our graduates are doctors, lawyers, college professors, business professionals and graduate students. 

We hold a Philosphy Conference each year that students have the opportunity to participate in. 

Associate Dean & Director, School of Arts & Humanities
Department Chair - Associate Professor