Elementary Education & English Language Learning

The bachelor of education in elementary education and English language learning is a degree-completion program offered at the Pacific University Woodburn and Eugene campuses. Students with an associate's degree can earn an initial teaching license with early childhood and elementary authorizations, as well as an ESOL specialty endorsement.

Program Highlights

  • Learn through extensive clinical practice in schools, integrated with university coursework
  • Complete all coursework at the Pacific University Woodburn or Eugene campuses
  • Earn the initial teaching license in pre-kindergarten through sixth grade, along with the ESOL endorsement
  • Apply for TeachOregon Scholarships

Other Programs

The College of Education also offers undergraduate-level programs in education and learning at the Forest Grove Campus, as well as graduate-level programs in Forest Grove, Eugene and Woodburn.


Apply now!

Kevin Carr | Director, Pacific Woodburn STEM MAT
503-352-1443 | kcarr@pacificu.edu

Anil Oommen | Elementary Education & ELL Program Coordinator (Eugene)
541-485-6812 | oomm1937@pacificu.edu

Diana Watkins | Associate Director of Graduate & Professional Admissions | Forest Grove
503-352-1435 | teach@pacificu.edu

Annette Willsey | Admissions Counselor | Eugene
541-485-6812 | teacheug@pacificu.edu

Assistant Professor; Special Education Program Coordinator (Forest Grove)
Professor of Education
Assistant Professor; Undergraduate Program Coordinator (Eugene)
Associate Dean & Director, Eugene Campus



Credit Hrs

EDLL-300 Experiential & Inquiry Learning In ECE/Elem 2
EDLL-310 Integrated Social Studies Methods 2
EDLL-315 Political & Cultural Context of Schooling 2
EDLL-320 Applied Human Development & Psychology 3
EDLL-325 Expressive Arts Methods 2
EDLL-350 Linguistics For ECE/Elem Education 4
EDLL-360 Technology Across Curriculum 2
EDLL-375 Culture, Power & Identity: Becoming a Teacher Leader & Advocate I 2
EDLL-380 Planning, Managing, Implementing & Assessing Instruction 4
EDLL-390 Teacher As Researcher I 2
EDLL-400 Culture, Power & Identity: Becoming a Teacher Leader & Advocate II 2
EDLL-410 Teacher As Researcher II 2
EDLL-425 Literacy Methods 6
EDLL-430 Math, Science & Health Methods 5
EDLL-450 Culture, Power & Identity: Becoming a Teacher Leader & Advocate III 4
EDLL-475 Student Teaching & ESOL Practicum 10-12
Total credits for Woodburn 54
Total credits for Eugene 58