Academic Support System

Students in class

In Pacific University’s College of Arts and Sciences,we go to great lengths to make sure that each student has every opportunity to succeed. Students who are experiencing academic difficulty should be proactive in seeking help.  They should meet with their professors to clarify course goals and expectations, monitor their progress in courses, and receive information about campus academic support services.  Students should meet with their faculty academic advisors to discuss challenges and the means by which they may best navigate them.

Workshops are offered free to students on note taking, test preparation and time management. The Writing Resource Center and the Math and Science Tutoring Center provide individual help to students; both are located in the University Center. Some academic departments also offer tutoring services; students should ask their professors if a particular department offers such tutoring.  The Learning Support Services office provides services to students with documented disabilities.

Students who live on-campus are encouraged to ask for assistance from their Resident Assistants and Resident Directors and transfer students are encouraged to work with the Office of Transfer Student Services for advice and counsel.

Students who take advantage of the excellent help available can usually overcome their academic difficulties.

If students require additional information or help,they should contact  the  Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences at 503-352-2201. We are here to help and eager to work with students who are willing to do what it takes to succeed.