Pacific EyeClinic Washington School for the Blind

Pacific University operates a low-vision clinic at the Washington School for the Blind. It serves the needs of a special population with reduced vision to disease, trauma or other causes. Some patients are students of the School for the Blind, but others are persons with special vision needs living in the general community. The clinic is a unique collaboration between the School for the Blind, which provides exam rooms, utilities and administrative support staff; the Pacific University College of Optometry, which supplies equipment, a director and student interns; and the Lions Clubs of Washington and Northern Idaho, which supply funds to support low-vision patients who live in the area the clubs serve.


The clinic operates two days a week during the School for the Blind’s academic calendar, generally September through May.  Low-vision patients from Washington and Northern Idaho (the area served by the Northwest Lions Foundation for Sight & Hearing), can call 360-947-3323 for an appointment.

Emergency Care

The clinic provides functional low-vision assessments for qualifying patients. Patients continue receiving regular and emergency care from their primary eye care providers.


Professional services are provided at no cost to the patient. Patients can purchase low-vision devices that have been determined to be beneficial as a result of the evaluation.