Pacific University Staff Excellence Awards

These awards recognize the contributions of staff that go beyond the call of duty. Recipients are recognized at the annual Honors & Awards Ceremony.

Outstanding Leadership Award

The recipient of the Outstanding Leadership Award promotes a participative environment, encourages their staff to reach their goals and acts upon employee input. Recipient is a role model for others and fosters a collegial environment. Nominee consistently engages staff in the decision-making process and represents departmental needs within the university community.


Outstanding Contribution to the University Award

The recipient of the Outstanding Contribution to the University Award promotes and exemplifies the mission and values of Pacific University such as supporting sustainability, encouraging diversity and openness of ideas and cultures, exemplifying quality of service and fostering a sense of community.


Splendid Audacity Award

The recipient of the Splendid Audacity Award promotes and exemplifies the spirit of our community through the sharing of ideas and innovation. Unbound by conventional thinking, this recipient consistently breaks through real or perceived barriers to bring about positive changes.


Boxer Spirit Award

The recipient of the Boxer Spirit Award exemplifies the spirit of teamwork, collegiality, and cooperation across departmental lines. This recipient promotes the mission of the university by forging partnerships with key stakeholders to bring his/her visions to fruition. 


Dedication to Students Award

The recipient of the Dedication to Students Award goes beyond the call of duty in service to Pacific’s students. Whether for students in general, or for a specific group of students, this recipient exceeds expectations in fostering an inclusive environment and seeking the best outcome for students.