Amber V. Buhler, PhD

UC Box 
Creighton Hall 436
Areas I Teach 

Educational History

PhD, Pharmacology--University of Colorado, Denver, 2001
BA, Chemistry--California State University, Fresno, 1995
BA, Functional Biology--California State University, Fresno, 1995

Practice/Research Interests

My basic science specialty is in the study of action of the drugs in neuropsychiatric disorders and chronic pain. My current scholarship focus is in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL), which focuses on identifying the best teaching methods to help students learn and succeed.

You can find selected lectures on Dr. Buhler's Pharmacology YouTube Channel.

Outside the Classroom

Dr. Buhler has enjoyed living in a lot of varied places: Canada, Japan, the Bay Area, Denver, Iowa, Fresno, and here in PDX (although she didn't really enjoy Fresno as much...). To relax, she reads a ton of fiction, binge-watches Netflix, gardens, and does the local chalk art festival every year. The thing that most students will remember about her, though, is her severe addiction to unsweet black iced tea! You will never see her in class without it. 


Amber Buhler, professor of Pharmacology, was featured on KPTV News regarding COVID-19 vaccinations.

Amber Buhler with microscope and computer, from a Pacific file photo

Amber Buhler is a pharmacologist and professor in the Pacific University School of Pharmacy.

Professor Amber Buhler

Amber Buhler, a Pacific University pharmacy professor, tells a KOIN podcast audience about the origins of quinine, chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine and why nobody knows yet if they're effective against the novel coronavirus.

Congratulations to School of Pharmacy faculty member Amber Buhler on the recent publication of three manuscripts.