Dawn M. Salgado, PhD

Associate Professor
UC Box 
Carnegie Hall 309 (Forest Grove)
Areas I Teach 
Dawn M. Salgado, PhD
Associate Professor, Department Chair  
UC Box: A136
Carnegie 309 (Forest Grove)
Research Lab: Carnegie 310 
Website: www.dawnsalgado.com
2007 PhD Psychology, University of Rhode Island, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Social and Community Health, Gender and Multiculturalism
1999 MA Psychology, Brandeis University, Social and Community Health
1996 BA Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University
Additional Training/Specialized Skills
2018- Koru Mindfulness for Emerging Adults, Teacher in Training
2017- Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Teacher in Training
Current Research Interests
Mental health, mindfulness, positive psychology, and well-being; Barriers to help seeking among college students; Promoting resiliency and well-being through mindfulness and positive psychology interventions; Men's attitudes towards help seeking and health behaviors; Incorporating youth participation to develop strengths-based restorative spaces
PSY 150 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 202 Health Psychology
PSY 310 Community Psychology (CE with 40+ hour placement required)
PSY 342/PSY 442 Prep and Travel Course: Exploring Psychology in London
PSY 411 Practicum in Applied Psychology (counts as senior capstone option with 60+ hour placement required)
PSY 357 Psychology in Mindfulness
PSY 358 Psychology of Well-being
PSY 383 Advanced Topics - Psychological Health & Well-being
PSY 483 Capstone - Psychological Health & Well-being

Psychology majors might also consider joining our Pacific University Psi Chi Honors Society and Psychology Club to get more involved in events or meet to discuss other leadership, research, and mentoring opportunities (PSY 448 Mentoring in Psychology; PSY 449 Directed Research and Community Outreach)

Grants and Awards

2019-2017: 2017-2018 Faculty Development Grant; 2017-2018 Faith Gabelnick Award for Community Service; 2018 Elise Elliot Award for Travel to SPSP; 2017 Faculty Pedagogy Grant; 2017 Engaged Faculty Award, Center for Civic Engagement

2016-2012: 2016 Psi Chi Model Chapter Award; 2014 Psi Chi Faculty Advisor Award for Western Region, Psi Chi International Honors Society; 2014 Elise Elliot Award for Faculty Student Travel to Association of Psychological Science Conference; Mamie Phipps Clark Research Award, Psi Chi International Honors Society; 2013 PRISM Summer Research Award; 2013 Elise Elliot Award for Faculty Student Travel to Western Psychological Association Conference; 2012 Early Career Scholar, Society for the Psychological Study for Social Issues (SPSSI, Division 9); 2012 Early Career Scholar, Institute for Feminist Academic Psychologist (Division 35)

Selected Publications and Presentation (*denotes undergraduate co-author)

Salgado, D.M., Knowlton, A., & Johnson, B (Ant. 2019) Men's health risk and protective behaviors: The effects of masculinity and masculine norms. Psychology of Men and Masculinities.*

Salgado, D. M., A., Peterson, D., & Dimeff, L. Cultivating wise mind in DBT using mindfulness (Ant. 2019) In I. Ivtzan (Ed.) The handbook of mindfulness-based programs: Every established intervention from medicine to education. London: Routledge Press. 

Eddy, A., Salgado, D. M., & Wengeler, J. (2017, April). First generation college students' knowledge, attitudes, and barriers about mental health services. Poster presented at the Western Psychological Association Convention, Sacramento, CA. *

Vasquez, A., Salgado, D. M., & Jordan, P. (2017, April). Examining mental health literacy among college students: A mixed method approach. Poster presented at the Western Psychological Association Convention, Sacramento, CA. *

Salgado, D. M. (2015, Spring). [Book Review] Mindfulness and acceptance in multicultural competency: A contextual approach to sociocultural diversity in theory and practice by A. Masuda (Ed.; 2014). Focus Magazine for the Society for the Psychological Study of Culture, Ethnicity and Race, 26 (1), p21.

Johnson, B. L., Salgado, D. M. & Vasquez, A. (2016, May). College students' perceptions of seeking mental health services on campus. Poster presented at the 28th APS Annual Convention, Chicago, IL. *

Salgado, D. M. et al (2015, March). Feminist Research and Practice with Incarcerated Women. In D. M. Salgado (Chair) invited feminist science symposium to be held at the 2014 Conference of the Association of Women in Psychology in conjunction with Society for the Psychology of Women (SPW, Division 35 of APA), San Francisco, CA.

Cruz, S. N., & Salgado, D. M. (2014, June). Predictors and outcomes of participating in diversity interventions. Paper to be presented at the 10th biennial Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues convention, Portland, OR. *

Burns-Glover, A., Mankowski, E., Salgado, D. M., & Townley, G., (2014, June). Collaborative research experiences with Adelante Mujeres. In K. O’Brien (Chair) invited pre-conference workshop session entitled, Lessons learned from collaborative research with community partners, at the 10th Biennial Conference of the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, Portland, OR.

Krakow, S. & Salgado, D.M. (April, 2014). Forgiveness and mental health in Latina victims of intimate partner violence. Poster presented at the 94th annual Western Psychological Association conference, Portland, OR.*

Salgado, D.M., Johnson, B. J., & Smith, M. J. (April, 2014). Influence of athlete role on help seeking. Poster presented at the 94th annual Western Psychological Associatio conference, Portland, OR.*

Reimer, C. & Salgado, D. M. (2014, February) Men, masculinity and attitudes towards psychotherapy. Paper presented at the Oregon Academy of Sciences, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR.*

Salgado, D. M., Fox, J. B., & Quinlan, K. J., (201). Mentoring incarcerated women in teh US. In R. Sheehan, G. McInvor, & C. Trotter (eds.) Working with women offenders in the community. 

Ferszt, G. G., Salgado, D. M., Defedele, S., & Leveille, M. (2009). Houses of Healing: A group intervention for grieving women in prison. The Prison Journal, 89, 46-64.